Articles of gold, silver, or platinum which are marked with a standard of purity, should also be stamped with a hallmark.

What is a hallmark?

A hallmark describes who has brought the article into the market (manufacturer or importer). This makes it possible to identify who has made the article, for example which jeweller.

Why must the articles have a hallmark? 

If you are in the gold and silversmith business and wish to sell the articles you have produced, you are obliged to have a hallmark which can identify the manufacturer. The hallmark also helps to maintain confidence amongst consumers that the fineness stamped on an article corresponds with the actual fineness of the article.

Overview of hallmarks in Norway

If you wish to see an overview of hallmarks in Norway, you can check using this particular link to our Search Service:

Click on "+ Show more filters" and choose Hallmarks under "Mark Category".

Hallmark registrations are published in the Official Trademark Gazette which is available on this website.

Registering your hallmark

You register your hallmark at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. There is no central register for EU and EEA countries; each country has its own national register.

  • Application Form (in Altinn) - in Norwegian only. For Norwegian residents and companies operating in Norway: we recommend this form for security reasons. You will receive a receipt immediately.

If you are not able to use Altinn:

Filling out the application

The application should contain the applicant's name or business, and an address.

It should also include a representation of the mark, no larger than 8 x 8 cm. The mark may of course be scaled down to fit the article, but it must have the same proportions as the registered mark.

If the applicant uses the services of a professional representative, a written power of attorney must be submitted.

How long is a hallmark valid?

When you first register your hallmark, the protection lasts for ten years. You may renew your registration every ten years, an unlimited number of times.

New Regulations came into force in 2005 containing new provisions limiting the period of validity. Registrations which were valid when the new Regulations took effect, are first due for renewal after ten years, i.e. 1st July 2015.

Quarantine provisions were introduced for older registrations which are no longer valid. It is now no longer possible to register a hallmark if the same mark has been registered to somenone else, and that registration expired less than five years previously. This is to ensure that consumers are not mislead as to which manufacturer is responsible for an article stamped with a particular hallmark.

How much does it cost to register a hallmark?

  • Application fee: NOK 1000
  • Resumption fee for shelved application: NOK 500
  • Renewal of hallmark: NOK 700
  • Additional fee for late payment: NOK 300
  • Processing an objection to the Board of Appeal: NOK 2500 Administrative review of registration: NOK 2500

How to pay the fee

Protests against a hallmark registration

If you believe that the Norwegian Industrial Property Office has registered a hallmark on an incorrect basis, you may appeal this by sending us a request for an administrative review. The request must include:

  • The name and address of the person sending the appeal
  • The number of the registration for which you are requesting a review
  • The reasons on which the request is based
  • Necessary documentation of the conditions that apply to the request

Anyone may request an administrative review of a hallmark as long as the registration exists.

Ar you importing goods made of precious metals from EU or EEA countries?

When importing goods made of precious metals from EU and EEA countries, which carry the correct stamp from one of these countries, it is not necessary for you as importer or distributor of such goods to stamp them with a Norwegian hallmark. However this only applies if there is no likelihood of confusion with a Norwegian hallmark. You can check this with register of hallmarks at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. (Read more about how you can search our database in the paragraph "Overview of hallmarks in Norway".) 

It must be possible to identify the manufacturer, and you must be able to prove that the mark was applied to the article in a correct and lawful manner. Before starting to sell the goods, the importer or distributor must be able to document their authenticity to the Norwegian Metrology Service (Justervesenet), the organ responsible for controlling goods made of precious metals. Contact the Norwegian Metrology Service for more information.

NB: Remember that a watch is considered precious metal if the degree of fineness implies this. Also, please note that Switzerland is not an EEA country and that if you import precious metal from there, the hallmark must be registered with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office - see information below for imports from countries outside the EU / EEA.

Are you importing precious metal products from countries outside the EU / EEA?

If you import goods in precious metal from countries outside the EU / EEA area, the goods must be stamped with a hallmark registered with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. As an importer, you are responsible for ensuring that the degree of fineness of the item is in accordance with the true fineness.


Regulations on hallmarks are in Norwegian only. The links go to Lovdata:


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