Prepare your trademark application

It is important that your application is completed correctly.

List of goods and services

Your application must include a list of all the goods and services for which you wish to register your trademark. It is not possible to add further goods or services to the list once the application has been filed. In such a case a new application must be submitted. Goods and services must be classified according to an international classification system.
Use our Product Selector to compile the list 
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A description of the trademark

The application must include a description of the trademark in the form it is to be used. Once you have filed an application, only minor changes can be made which do not affect the overall impression of the trademark.
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The trademark application and the list of goods and services must be filed in Norwegian. Other documents may be in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English. The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) will however conduct all correspondence in Norwegian.

Correspondence Address

All applicants must provide NIPO with an address to which correspondence may be sent. This applies to both national and international applications, as well as the holders of international registrations which are in force in Norway. The address does not have to be in Norway.

Under certain conditions, it may be necessary to use an agent or attorney. If this is the case, correspondence will be sent to the agent's address.

You can find a list of patent agents on the website: Rådgiverdatabasen. This website is in Norwegian. Alternatively you can search Google with one of the following terms: patentkontor, patentbyra.

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Document format for electronic applications

Choose a recommended format for your documents to make sure NIPO is able to open them.
More information on recommended file types (PDF)

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