Classifying your goods and services

In the application form for registering your trademark, you must choose which goods and/or services you wish to register your trademark for. The exclusive right you obtain by registering your trademark is based on the goods and services you have chosen. This list must be in Norwegian.

Goods and services are classified according to an international classification system. This system consists of 45 different classes (class 1-34 are for goods, and class 35-45 are service classes). Each class has a heading describing the goods or services included in this class.

Which goods and services should I choose?

You should choose the goods and services for which you are using your trademark today, or plan to use in the near future.

For example, if you are planning to use your own trademark for coffee, and for a café with the same name, you can set up your list in the following way.

  • Class 30: Coffee
  • Class 43: Café Services

Product Selector can help you

Product Selector
Product Selector (also referred to as Classification Assistant)


Using the trademark

If you do not use the trademark for all the goods and services it is registered for within 5 years, others may submit a request to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office to have the trademark deleted from the trademark register for the goods or services for which the trademark is not being used.

Complete list of goods and services (Nice Classification)

International Classification of Goods and Services (Nice Classification) (link goes to WIPO's website)

Previous editions of the Nice Classification
You can also find previous editions on the WIPO website
Editions 1-10
Editions 10-11


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