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How long does your registration last?

Your trademark registration lasts 10 years. After that, you will have to pay a renewal fee every 10 years to maintain your registration. If you fail to pay the necessary fees, it will cease to apply.
Read more about renewing your registration

Changes in the registration

If changes have taken place in the registration, for example name, address, change of holder or patent attorney, you must notify us in writing before renewing your registration.
Use the form in the Altinn portal for notification of changes

No Norwegian national ID number?
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You can out-license your trademark, so that others can use it commercially. In that way, you can reach out to new markets and get others to do the marketing and selling work. It is widely used in connection with familiar films and series, where familiar characters and logos are used on "spin-off" products such as toys, clothing, bedlinen, etc. Trademarks can also be licensed in, by paying for the rights to use others' marks.

Keep up with competitors

It may be of interest to keep track of what others are doing, for example competitors. By using our search service you can set up your own alerts, which notify you when chosen operators submit applications, or when something happens in certain classes of goods and services.

What will happen if you are copied?

Have you discovered that others are using a trademark that is similar to your own, for the same or similar goods or services? This may mean an infringement of your right. You can contact the other party and explain your view. It is wise to make contact in writing, which you can use as proof at a later date. You should attach a copy of your registration and ask the other party to stop using the trademark. In many cases you may be successful in stopping use of the trademark if you can prove that you have exclusive right to it.

If the other party does not agree with you or does not respect your right, you can take action in a court of law. In this case, you should contact a lawyer specialising in intellectual property rights. A documented right in the form of a trademark registration will be of great significance in any legal case.

For a list of specialists and what they can help you with, you can use the professional adviser database on the website (in Norwegian).

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