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Pay and renew your rights, use them commercially and keep up with your competitors.

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Renew your rights

To maintain your rights it is necessary to renew them periodically.

  • Trademarks: you may renew your trademark every 10 years as long as you wish.
  • Designs: you may renew your design registration every five years up to a maximum of 25 years.
  • Patents: you may keep your patent or patent application in force for up to 20 years by paying annual fees. You may apply to extend this period by up to five years for medicines and plant protection products (SPC).

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office does not send out invoices for these fees, as it is voluntary to maintain the application or proprty right. You can pay up to one year before the payment deadline for trademark and design, and 6 months before the payment deadline for patent.
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However, the Norwegian Industrial Property Office does send a reminder to the applicant, holder or agent in good time before the payment deadline.

How to pay?
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You can also set up an electronic alert yourself and receive an e-mail notification approx. one month before the payment deadline.
Read how to do this.

Notify us of any changes
If you wish make any changes to existing trademark, design, or patent applications or rights, use this form in Altinn "Notification to the NIPO regarding change in ownership, merger or change of name/address/representative". If you wish to delete a class or multiple registration, or make changes in a trademark, you can use the form "Other changes" (pdf). This form is in Norwegian only: "Andre endringer".

Make the most of your rights 

If you can document your rights, it makes it easier to enter into agreements such as licensing. This will help you to expand your markets by cooperating with others. You can also use licenses to build on someone else's product.

Good groundwork is important to establish the value of these rights and thereby enter into good agreements. Patent rights can also be used as security for a loan, and they can be bought and sold in line with other assets.
Read more about mortgaging a patent 
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Is someone infringing your rights

You can monitor the market, use the internet and follow the activities of your competitors. There are also companies that can monitor this for you. If you operate in several markets and with large quantities of goods, it may be appropriate to cooperate with customs authorities, so they can stop the imports if there is suspicion of illegal copies.

You can also use our Alert Service. Then we will let you know if someone is applying to register rights within the same field as you.
More information about setting up an alert
More information about what you can do if someone infringes your rights.

Keep an eye on your competitors

By using our Search Service you can keep up to date with what your competitors are doing and what rights they are applying for.

You can also get inspiration for further product development and find partners with intellectual property rights in areas that are of interest to your business.

You can save your searches and be notified when new applications arrive.

Complaints regarding company names

Company names are registered at the Brønnøysund Register Centre. If you surmise that a registered company name can easily be confused with your own company name or trademark, you can appeal against the registration by requesting a review of the registered company name. You send your request to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.
Read more about complaints concerning company names

We can help you

Contact us at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) if you have any questions. Ring our Customer Service Centre at +47 22 38 73blobid0.png 00 and talk to an adviser or a case officer.

Other organisations and institutions

Innovation Norway, Research Council of Norway, Design and Architecture Norway, Siva's network of clusters, incubators and catapult centres etc. can help you with your business strategy or offer you financial aid.
See "Start and run a business" at the Altinn portal

Professional advisers

A professional patent agency or patent attorney can help you prepare and formulate your application and follow up important deadlines and payments. Despite the name, patent agencies are experts on all types of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, designs and IPR strategies.
Check list of professional advisers on (in Norwegian).

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