Publicly available

Case documents are publicly available for anyone to see, following certain regulations. You can order copies of these documents.


A patent application is published and thereby publicly available 18 months after the day the application was filed at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. For patent applications with priority, the date of publishing is 18 months from the priority date.


A design application will be automatically kept secret for up to six months, unless the applicant asks for the application to be made publicly available at the time of filing. It is possible to postpone registration for up to six months from the date of application or the priority date, or at another specified date within that time frame. If the design has not been registered within six months from the date of application, or the priority date when you claim priority, the application will automatically become publicly available. Although the application is confidential, bibliographic information is publicly available, such as the name and address of the applicant.


An application for trademark registration is publicly available from the date the application is filed.

Note: There are certain exceptions for trade secrets in all areas.

Secrecy and confidentiality

Transparency and openness are important principles that enable society to have trust in public administration. This is important both for the legal security of the individual and to enable democratic control of the exercise of authority by public administration. There are, however, some exceptions to this which provide the right to secrecy at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.
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