EPO Case Law seminar

- epi roadshow supported by the EPO
The Case Law seminars will provide you with an overview of the most recent key decisions and developments in the EPO’s Boards of Appeal case law. This collection of lectures offers a range of subjects, including procedural and substantive topics, and with a mixture of general-interest and more field-specific topics.

Organized by the epi with the support of the EPO Boards of Appeal and the European Patent Academy, the seminar also includes the demonstration of a mock EPO Oral Proceeding. The speakers are Chris Mercer and Leythem Wall, who are epi experts, Oliver Randl and Petra Schmitz, technical and legal members respectively, of the Boards of Appeal.

The seminar will include discussion of the most recent Enlarged Board of Appeal decisions and other recent significant board of appeal case law, which every patent attorney should have in mind during examination proceedings, as well as during opposition and appeal proceedings. The speakers will also discuss important tactical and strategic aspects that identify how the decisions can act as useful tools, as well as guidance for avoiding pitfalls.

Central topics:

  • Disclaimers
  • Clarity
  • Specific applications of the problem-and-solution approach
  • Procedural matters
  • Mock oral proceedings

Fee and cancellation

The fee covers training material and the catering for the whole event for one participant. The fee cannot be split and is not refundable if cancellation is requested less than 10 days before the start of the event.


  • Christopher Paul Mercer
  • Leythem Wall
  • Petra Schmitz
  • Oliver Randl

Registration at epi website
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