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Geophysics, drilling technology and computer implemented inventions (CIIs)

Recent evolutions and opportunities offered by the patent system
CIIs has brought about a leap of changes in drilling technology and geophysics fields and will play a vital role in the future. For the industry to best protect and take advantage of CIIs, a more thorough examination and a deeper knowledge of the patent claims is called for.

This digital workshop will focus on the challenges of patent granting in the fields of geophysics and drilling technology, where computer implemented inventions always change the nature of the inventions. It will also address the assessment of inventive step and claims lacking features with a technical effect in these fields.

Central topics:

  • Patenting trends and activity in the fields of geophysics and drilling technology
  • Examples of applications from these fields
  • The practice at the European Patent Office (EPO), including how to use the Guidelines for Examination

During the workshop, patent examiners from the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO), will share personal experiences and discuss relevant examples, including examples based on the Boards of Appeal decision G1/19. Common patenting challenges will also be addressed.

Presentations and workshop will be held in English.

For whom

This digital workshop is suitable for professional users of the IP system in Norway.


08.55 - 09.00
Start of meeting
09.00 - 09.10
Welcome and introduction of patenting activities in Norway in the fields of geophysics and drilling technology

Bjørn Lillekjendlie, Director, Patent Dep., NIPO

09.10 - 09.20
Patenting trends at the EPO in the fields of oil and gas (E21B) and geophysics, prospecting (G01V)

Patrick Dantinne, patent examiner, EPO

09.20 - 10.00
Finding your way through the EPO Guidelines for Examination

Patrick Dantinne, patent examiner, EPO

10.00 - 10.40
The impact of G1/19 (Boards of Appeal decision) in the technical fields of oil and gas (E21B) and geophysics and prospecting (G01V)

Fabian Pieper and Giovanni Sartoni, patent examiners, EPO

10.40 - 10.50
Short break
10.50 - 11.30
Oil and gas drilling cases: how different ways of drafting claims lead to different interpretations and outcomes

Patrick Dantinne, patent examiner, EPO

11.30 - 11.45
Geophysics for a sustainable future – some perspectives

Erik Kovacs, Principal Adviser Intellectual Property, Equinor

11.45 -
Concluding remarks and close of workshop

Ida Sofia R. Stenhagen, patent examiner, NIPO

Course Team

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