Get your IP act together!

– Insights from the business of IP
Get the opportunity to feel the pulse of change and learn from the best companies working to transform their business models to prosper in a century where sustainable development is a top priority.

Companies that know how to manage, protect, and exploit their IP have a competitive edge but effective IP management is not one-size-fits-all. Factors like sector, company size, and market have a big say on how you should approach IP.

Learn how leading small and large tech companies use IP to reach their business goals. The Norwegian pioneer Elliptic Labs and world leading Elkem share their insights from business and IP perspectives. Get a close look at the challenges and rewards they meet in the global market.

Are you an innovation professional, corporate leader, startup, or scientist interested in getting your IP act together? Do not miss these presentations followed by a panel discussion moderated by Felipe Aguilera-Børresen, Senior IP Adviser, Innovation Norway.

Panellists will be:

  • Laila Danielsen, CEO, Elliptic Labs
  • Robertha Höglund, Head of IP, Elkem AS
  • Haakon Thue Lie, Senior IP Manager, Chairman, and Co-Founder, Leogriff AS
  • Bjørn Lillekjendlie, Director Patents Department, Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO)

How to attend

This seminar is part of "Corporate Innovation Day – Real insight, real innovators" which is a full-day conference during Oslo Innovation Week (OIW) in the spectacular dome outside Oslo Science Park.

Our seminar starts directly after the CID main track concludes.

To attend our seminar you must register for a full-day ticket to CID.

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The seminar is brought to you by Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO).

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Programme: The role of IP in the achievement of business goals

3.15 pm -
Introduction, Felipe Aguilera-Børresen, Innovation Norway
3.25 pm -
Laila Danielsen, Elliptic Labs
3.40 pm -
Robertha Höglund, Elkem
3.55 pm -
Haakon Thue Lie, Leogriff
4.05 pm -
Bjørn Lillekjendlie, Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO)
4.15 pm -
Q&A session
4.45 pm -


Laila Danielsen

CEO Elliptic Labs
Laila is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced tech executive with a career successfully bringing emerging technologies to international markets with expertise in enterprise software and technology at both Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups. She shares her expertise as an advisor to ascending companies. Laila is a speaker at top MBA programs, as well as an advisor for start-ups and Innovation Norway.

Photo: Elliptic Labs

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Robertha Höglund

Head of IP, Elkem AS
Robertha manages Elkem's intangible assets, drafts corporate IP procedures, educates employees on the topic of IP, and handles agreements including IP clauses to ensure the company's interests when collaborating with business partners. Elkem is one of the world's leading companies for environmentally responsible production of materials developing innovative, sustainable and energy efficient products and production technologies. Before joining Elkem, Robertha worked at the Centre for Intellectual Property Studies and was Project Manager for the ScanBalt Intellectual Property Knowledge Network.

Photo: Adriana Eik

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Haakon Thue Lie

Senior IP Manager, Chairman, and Co-Founder, Leogriff AS
Haakon is a partner in Leogriff, where he handles IP management for corporations and research institutes, mainly within IT, telecom, and media. He has more than 20 years' experience with IP in the industry with comprehensive knowledge of open source software, innovation processes, branding, trademarks, design, and litigation support. Haakon is a PhD candidate within trade secrets at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is part of the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP).

Photo: Leogriff

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Bjørn Lillekjendlie

Director Patents Department, Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO)
Bjørn leads the Patents Department at NIPO and his professional interests concentrate on strategy, innovation management, and commercial use of IP. As former Research Director, Innovation Manager, and CEO his background includes commercial development of a broad portfolio of technology-based startup companies through seed capital funds and brokerage, business development, establishing sales channels, and licensing.

Photo: Trond Isaksen/NIPO

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Moderator: Felipe Aguilera-Børresen

Senior IP Adviser, Innovation Norway
Felipe provides advice on intellectual asset management (IAM) and business-driven IP strategies for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Felipe has been
appointed Expert Advisor to the European Commission on the enforcement of IPR
for SMEs. He has previously served as a board member of Licensing Executives
Society (LES Scandinavia).

Photo: Innovation Norway

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