Green technologies and renewable energies – Innovating and patenting

As the green revolution continues to gain momentum, this conference will keep you up to date on trends, technologies and their relationship with sustainable innovation.

Green technology, including renewable energies and climate change mitigation technologies (CCMTs), is the fastest-growing industry in the world! It plays a key role in securing a sustainable future, and in developing a more profitable and sustainable economy.

Learn how international organisations join efforts and work together with businesses to encourage climate change mitigation. And gain a deeper understanding of why intellectual properties can be the key to success in the green tech sector!

Do not miss this important conference with panel discussions involving international experts, managers and key industry players such as Equinor, Elkem and Tomra.

Central topics

  • international organisations and their collaboration with businesses
  • green technology and patents
  • trends, competitors and markets
  • fund raising
  • collaboration management
  • technology licensing
  • profit building
  • success stories from Norway
  • artificial intelligence
  • computer-implemented inventions
  • maybe even a look into the future…

See the full interesting programme below!

The conference is co-hosted by the European Patent Academy, EPO and the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO).

This intermediate conference will be held in English and all event documentation will be made available in electronic form.

«IPR strategy and patent management is key for development of CCM Technologies. Collaboration has become more important to succeed due to long term, complex and costly projects. Patents and patent management provides the framework for licensing and incentives for the parties involved, such that the technology can be commercialized and made available to the society in a sustainable way.» 
Bjørn Ringvold, Chief Intellectual Property Advisor, Equinor

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0830 - 0900
Registration and welcome coffee
0900 - 0905
Introduction and opening

by Per Foss, Director General, Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) and Erik Wold

0905 - 0920
The Norwegian policy in supporting innovation in the field of CCMTs

Daniel Bjarmann-Simonsen, State Secretary to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Norway

0920 - 0935
The EPO supporting innovation in Europe

- Video message from Antonio Campinos, President, EPO
- Roberta Romano-Götsch, Chief Operating Officer Mobility and Mechatronics, EPO

0935 - 1045
Ongoing international co-operation: how international organisations join efforts and work together with businesses to encourage climate change mitigation and adaptation

Encouraging partnerships

Robert Ondhowe, Programme Officer, Law Division, United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya

Securing investments by patent protection and fostering innovation through patent information
Ilja Rudyk, Senior Economist, EPO

Assessing and promoting research, innovation and competitiveness in the Energy Union through patents
Francesco Pasimeni, Policy Analyst, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, The Netherlands

Proposing policies
Ricardo Melendez, Chief Executive International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), Geneva

Sharing data and presenting the INSPIRE platform International Standards and Patents in Renewable Energy
Francisco Boshell, Analyst in Markets and Standards, Renewable Energy Technologies, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Satelite data – an international, cooperative resource tailored for environmental buriness opportunities
Christina Aas, CEO of Science & Technology AS, member of the IAA Commitee on small satellites

Q & A

1045 - 1115
Coffee Break
1115 - 1130
Patents underpin innovation: patenting landscape in the field of CCMTs

Bjørn Lillekjendlie, Director Patent Department, NIPO

Q & A

1130 - 1230
Patents support new technologies in green techs: CCMTs and success stories in Norway

- Robertha Höglund, Head of IP and Boualem Mekki, Head of Patent & CI Team, Elkem
- Duncan Park, Vice President IPR, TOMRA systems
Green innovation in the ocean industries
- Hege Økland, CEO, Norwegian Centre of Expertise Maritime CleanTech

Q & A

1230 - 1340
Lunch Break
1340 - 1400
Green patenting and Y02 classification: how to find CCMT patents in EspaceNet

Practical examples and available online resources (including Internet platforms)

F. Javier Hurtado-Albir, patent examiner, Sector Information and Communications Technology, EPO

Q & A

1400 - 1440
Panel discussion Topic 1:

Patent management in collaborations, technology licensing in the field of CCMTs

- Collaborative research is a key issue in the field of CCMTs, where competencies to be found are often multidisciplinary.

Licensing in and out is an essential element to build partnership, and a strong incentive for R&D in the sector, by fostering return on investment.

The panellists will provide testimonies from their professional experience.


- Bjørn P. Ringvold, Chief Intellectual Property Advisor, Equinor

- Jon Wulff Petersen, Director and Senior Consultant tto, Copenhagen
- Tom Ekeberg, Zacco (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK)
- Andreas Schuster, Orcan Energy, Munich

Q & A

1440 - 1520
Panel discussion Topic 2:

Patents and fund raising in the field of CCMTs

- Not only technological innovation, but capital and financing issues are at the heart of CCMT development. What is the motivation and prospect for an investor to “bet” on CCMTs?

How is this issue addressed on the side of the SME?

- Otto Scharff, Director Communication Department, NIPO

- Marius Holm, General Manager at Zero, Zero Emission Resource Organisation
- Andreas Schuster, Chief Technology Officer, Orcan Energy, Munich
- Hans Jørgen Vinje, Head CLIMIT programme
- Dimitris Giannoccaro, Founder and CEO, IamIP Platform, Sweden

Q & A

1520 - 1545
Coffee Break
1545 - 1625
Panel discussion Topic 3:

Smart grids and optimisation of resources
CCMTs and IT related inventions: is Artificial Intelligence the 'new frontier' of green techs?

- AI and smart grid are part of the 4th industrial revolution.
The 1st industrial revolution (steam energy, coal, transport) and the 2nd industrial revolution (electricity, oil, and mass production) relate to hardware technology.

The 3rd industrial revolution (electronics and IT, flight, nuclear energy) relates to hardware and software technology, while the 4th industrial revolution (connectivity, software, artificial/distributed intelligence, the industrialisation of every process, renewable energy) seems to take us towards “super-software technology”.

In that respect, is innovation in the CCMT field becoming more and more immaterially driven?


Alexandros Papaderos, Head of Patents & Licences, Technical University of Munich

- F. Javier Hurtado-Albir
- Ove Flataker, Director, Energy Regulatory Authority, NVE (The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate)
- Rune Hogga, Chief Executive Officer, NODES
- Atle Riise, Senior Research Scientist, Sintef Digital

Q & A

1625 - 1705
Concluding session - A look into the future: the vision and policy of the European Commission

Fostering and deploying CCMTs in the European Economic Area (EEA) and in particular in the Scandinavian area


Piero De Bonis, Policy Officer "Renewable energy sources", DG Research and Innovation, European Commission, Brussels

Q & A

1705 - 1715
Wrap up by Roberta Romano-Götsch, Per Foss, Erik Wold
1715 -
End of public event and drinks reception

Course Team

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