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Innovation Explorers - pushing boundaries

- part of Oslo Innovation Week 2019
Are you concerned about your company's future and believe that new ideas and innovation are necessary factors for facing new challenges? Take this opportunity to get useful tips, inspiration, and personal guidance from successful innovation experts.

Meet the innovation explorers that are pushing boundaries today, including:

  • REV Ocean: blue ocean technology – creating an ocean data platform and building the world's largest research and expedition vessel.
  • Aclima: world-leading manufacturer of extreme weather clothing collaborates with explorer Vibeke Andrea Sefland, applying user interaction and testing as an innovation tool. Learn how Aclima uses trademarks as a competitive advantage.
  • EY: blockchain, AI and robotics are shaping the future in many industries – how to use intellectual property rights to keep control of the process and rights, together with Snø Designstudio.
  • Norwegian Industrial Property Office: valuable resources in the innovation process.
  • Techstars Energy Accelerator: the global Techstars accelerator has teamed up with Equinor, KONGSBERG and Capgemeni to offer a global network of energy experts for startups to help fast-track their business. Techstars Energy Accelerator is hosted in Norway by Equinor
  • RagnaRock Geo: an AI startup participating in an intensive accelerator programme at Techstars Energy.

During the seminar, we offer free guidance on how to protect your corporate assets using intellectual property rights (IPR). Take the opportunity to sit down with experts from EY and the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

Successful innovation is often based on a step-by-step collaboration between the developer and the end-user and is crucial to be able to balance exploration and exploitation in the right way. Aclima and explorer Vibeke Andrea Sefland will share their experiences with user-driven innovation.

REV ocean is working to improve our understanding of the ocean’s health and foster concrete solutions. They have an ambitious plan for saving the ocean’s health including a brand new research vessel, packed with cutting edge technology and innovation from Norwegian innovation clusters. In collaboration with Cognite and Friends of Ocean Action they are developing an open World Ocean Data platform, scheduled to be launched in October.

Corporate development and innovation are often driven by opportunities for gain and can be necessary for a company's survival. Innovation can also create new industries in tomorrow's labour market. Experts from EY and SNØ Designstudio give us their perspectives on innovation that has resulted in new industries, and the role of IPR in these new environments.

RagnaRock Geo applies the power of state-of-the-art AI to complex industry problems. They have developed an AI software that interprets seismic data, which enhances the understanding and accelerates the workflow. RagnaRock Geo and the geoscientists using their innovative technology push boundaries.

With their training programme Techstars Energy Accelerator helps entrepreneurs and global startup companies succeed. This year, from hundreds of applicants, RagnaRock Geo is selected to participate in their accelerator programme. At Sentralen in Oslo, RagnaRock Geo and Techstars Energy Acellerator will share experiences from their intensive training programme.

Our event is part of Oslo Innovation Week 2019: Explorers, September 23-27. Visit for full program!

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0900 - 0910
0910 - 0920
NIPO – an important resource in the innovation ecosystem

v/ Fredrik Lundvall, Norwegian Industrial Property Office

0920 - 0955
On stage interviews including Q&A with the audience:
  • Blockchain & intellectual property: Freja Christensen & Magnus Jones from EY
  • Robotics/AI & intellectual property: Andreas Bjørnebye, EY & Camilla Simonsen, SNØ Designstudio
0955 - 1030
Innovation and collaboration between producer and end user

v/ Rita Johansen, designer from Aclima & Vibeke Andrea Sefland, explorer

1030 - 1100
1100 - 1115
AI startup in an intensive accelerator programme

v/Åsmund Heir, CEO RagnaRock Geo & Audun Abelsnes, Managing Director, Techstars Energy Acellerator

1115 - 1140
Innovation and collaboration on board the world's largest research vessel

v/ Jo Øvstaas, CSO, Ocean Data Platform Foundation, REV Ocean

1140 - 1200
Panel discussion:

Strategic management of new technologies

1155 -


Jo Øvstaas

Jo Øvstaas is the Chief Solutions Officer in the Ocean Data Platform Foundation, founded by REV Ocean. He joined the foundation after a long career at DNV GL as a marine propulsion engineer, software developer and technical leader. Until joining REV Ocean, he was a part of the leadership-team in DNV GL Veracity, a large-scale industrial data platform enabling digital innovation and industry collaboration. In the Ocean Data Platform Foundation (ODP), he is working with innovation processes, constantly hunting for the best use-cases which has a clear demand, known “problems to be solved” and to fit the Cognite Data Fusion technology. ODPs vision is “one healthy and productive ocean through data liberation”.

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Vibeke Sefland.png
Vibeke Andrea Sefland

Vibeke Andrea Sefland, explorer - is a mountain climber, guide, adventurer, aid worker and officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces. She is one of a few Norwegians who have climbed “The 7 Summits” (the highest mountain on each of the seven continents). She has been internationally recognized for her expeditions in the Himalayas, where she has, among other things, climbed four of the world's 8000 meters and has been involved in rescue operations on Mt Everest.

Vibeke always combines her expeditions with aid work or support to local societies. In that way, her performance reaches a greater goal with deeper meaning. She has run projects in Nepal, Afghanistan, Uganda and South Sudan. Vibeke's last accomplishment was one for the history books, as she guided the first Afghan woman to the top of Afghanistan's highest mountain Noshaq 7492m. She has spent more than 25 years in the Armed Forces, and as a part of the NATO COE winter warfare center, she was the main instructor for the first all-female team to cross Antarctica in 2018.

Vibeke is an ambassador for Aclima textile producer, a Norwegian wool clothing specialist since 1939.

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Rita Johansen_Aclima400.png
Rita Le Bruyn Johansen

Rita Le Bruyn Johansen, Aclima - has been Head of Contract Market and Military Sales, where she got to know Aclima ambassador Vibeke Sefland. Rita is now a working board member at Aclima and is involved in different development projects as well as following up on Military contacts.

Rita is a trained Surgical Nurse, and her medical background was perfect to look at product development from a health perspective, and start the work to ensure safe garments for Aclima’s customers. She has also worked with animal welfare at Aclima, which is still a burning issue in the organisation.

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Audun Abelsnes

Audun Abelsnes is the Managing Director of Techstars Energy in partnership with Equinor, Kongsberg and Capgemini, and is an active participant in panels at energy and innovation conferences around the world. For several years, Audun has been part-responsible for the master-level course "New Venture Creation" at BI Norwegian Business School. He also founded and sold a company, and has been instrumental in funding and scaling up a medical diagnostic company. Audun spent several years in PWC Management Consulting and holds a MSc degree in International Marketing from BI Norwegian Business School and City University in London.

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Åsmund Heir

Åsmund Heir is co-founder and CEO of RagnaRock Geo, which was started at NTNU by geoscientists and machine learning engineers. They envisioned that they could use AI to disrupt the workflow of interpreting seismic data. The company develops AI software that empowers geoscience professionals to excel in their analysis of the subsurface. Åsmund holds a MSc in Industrial Economics from NTNU.

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Freja Christensen_EY400.png
Freja Skov Christensen

Freja Skov Christensen, EY - is qualified as an attorney in both Denmark and Norway. She has a LLM in law from the University of Copenhagen and began working at EY in 2016, after she joined from a Danish law firm.

Freja has much experience and sector knowledge from the shipping and transportation industry, including the suppliers of these industries. This includes assisting clients on negotiation of contracts, corporate law, including mergers, acquisitions and restructuring, as well as IT contracts and general business law.

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Magnus Jones_EY400.png
Magnus Jones

Magnus Jones, EY - is a Tax Technologist at the law firm of EY. In addition, he is also leading the Norwegian EY Blockchain group, where he works close together with key stakeholders such as authorities and banks, and assists clients with everything from regulatory challenges to technical implementations.

Magnus is an experienced international speaker within digital trends and technology, covering many different areas through some of his roles as a board member of the Norwegian Computer Society Group for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, board member of Oslo Blockchain Cluster, Norwegian Ambassador of European Legal Technology Association, and a lecturer at EMBA classes at BI Norwegian Business School.

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Andreas Bjørnebye_EY400.png
Andreas Bjørnebye

Andreas Bjørnebye, EY is a technology lawyer at the law firm of EY. He has +12 years experience as a technology lawyer, for almost 3 years at EY and previously for around 10 years in the lawfirm BA-HR. He regularly advice clients in intellectual property rights and technology related matters, from start-ups to mature corporations both in proven technology and innovations in a variety of fields, such as creative and design industries, energy, life science, social media, software/AI, retail, R&D, and other. He is also an experienced speaker in variety of legal and commercial topics related to technology and has served for a number of years as an external examiner in patent and trademark subjects at the University of Oslo.

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Camilla Simonsen_Snø Design400.png
Camilla Simonsen

Camilla Simonsen, is COO of the award winning design company Snø Designstudio, who specializes in product- and graphic design. In addition to managing the company itself, she also collaborates closely with clients in the project processes with special attention brought to solutions that incorporate a balanced mix of creativity, innovation, sustainability, cost efficiency and aesthetics.

Camilla and her team works within numerous industries and digitalization projects, from designing sub-sea nodes that might revolutionize seismic acquisition to AV1 - a distance learning avatar making it possible for children and young adults with long term illness to take part in society on equal terms as the rest of us. Camilla is also an active partner in several successful start-ups and played a pivotal role in planning and establishing Fredrikstad's first co-working community - Blender Collective.

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Fredrik Lundvall400.png
Fredrik Lundvall

Fredrik Lundvall, is a Senior Patent Examiner at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. He processes applications for patents within chemistry, in particular the fields of inorganic and industrial chemistry.

Fredrik holds MSc and PhD degrees in chemistry from the University of Oslo, where he formerly worked as a researcher.

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