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Innovation Insights from Linked Open Data

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By mastering the craft of Linked Open Data (LOD) in the field of innovation, you will have the ability to discover new insights. Learn how the relevant LOD landscape has recently been enriched.

This digital workshop allows you to accumulate new ideas to enhance your strategic insights. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain new skills for retrieving and connecting innovation data and better understand inventive and publishing data as well as their interconnectedness.

Learn about recent efforts in the field of connecting innovation data such as:

  • browsing the map of innovation data LOD databases together with the LOD databases’ diagnostics
  • testing the IP LodB database, which enables effortless use of (new) raw data product, the European Patent Office’s EP Linked data linked with publication data from Springer Nature and other databases
  • showcasing some recent attempts regarding the innovation LOD data and the potential of using the related query language (SPARQL).

For whom

Useful for researchers, TTOs, SMEs, analysts, intellectual property (IP) staff, data publishers, business developers, and others who are interested in technology and IP and want to learn how to benefit from information in European patents.

Listen to Dolores' podcast 

Research into Patents: Building bridges with IP Linked Open Data



Dolores Modic

Dolores Modic is a Researcher at Nord University Business School in Bodø, Norway and holds a PhD and the title of Assistant Professor in Slovenia. She has a background in law and is the principal investigator of the research project “IP linked open data: building bridges (IP LodB)”. Dolores is also involved in another multi-national patent informatics project, the KnowING IPR.

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