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IP Assessment – how to improve informed decision making

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A series of three connected webinars on IP-related challenges and issues. The main emphasis is on technology and patenting, but the presenters will also broaden the scope to address other IP areas and related contexts.

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This webinar series is a co-operation between the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. It is designed specifically to deal with a number of the IP-related challenges and issues that intellectual capital managers, R&D project leaders, entrepreneurs, SMEs, start-ups, spin-offs and technology transfer businesses are faced with on a regular basis. Group work and discussions will be facilitated through the webinars. 

Note that this webinar series will take place on Teams to facilitate group work and discussions.

Central topics 2 March:

  • Evaluation and decision making in daily routine – Tomas Bereuter, EPO 
  • Evaluating patents: methods and applications – Johannes Schaaf, EPO

Central topics 4 March:

  • Introduction to the case study and methodology – Johannes Schaaf, EPO
  • Group work: case study on a real-life example – part 1 (group)
  • Evaluation factors explained in detail – Johannes Schaaf, EPO

Central topics 9 March:

  • Group work: case study on a real-life example – part 2 (group)
  • Group presentation of evaluation results (group)
  • Discussion and closing remarks – Johannes Schaaf and Thomas Bereuter, EPO

For whom

This webinar series is suitable for business consultants, innovation advisers, IP professionals and others involved in businesses where innovation and intellectual property rights and assets are central.

In cooperation with EPO

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