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Patenting in the medical and pharmaceutical fields

Recent evolutions and opportunities offered by the patent system
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Learn more about the possibilities the patent system can offer when it comes to computer implemented inventions in the health sector.

We present current trends and perspectives in the Norwegian and Nordic health industry, and give you an understanding of who the European and global patent players are in this field.

Concrete examples on how algorithms can be protected by patents will be presented, together with the patenting challenges linked to this very particular technical field.

Central topics 

  • Patenting activity in the health sector
  • Patenting figures in the medtech field in the health sector
  • Computer Implemented Inventions for medical devices
  • Patenting challenges: exceptions and exclusions from patentability

Join this online workshop between users of the patent system in Norway and patent examiners from the NIPO and the EPO.

The event will be held in English on Teams.

For whom?  

This breakfast meeting is for professional users of the IP system in Norway.

In cooperation with the European Patent Office

Tentative Programme

0900 - 0910
Welcome address

v/Bjørn Lillekjendlie, Director Patent Department, NIPO


Session 1: Patenting activity in the health sector

0910 - 0930
The health industry in Norway and the Nordic countries – some facts and figures

Ida Sofia R. Stenhagen, Patent Examiner, NIPO
Chris Daniel Toft, Patent Examiner, NIPO

0930 - 0950
General presentation of the EPO; patenting figures in the field of medical technologies and in the health sector

Przemyslaw Godzina, Patent examiner, EPO

0950 - 1000
1000 - 1010

Session 2: Examples of real patent applications

1010 - 1030
Protecting computer implemented inventions for medical devices - Examples

Kris Loveniers, Patent Examiner, EPO

1030 - 1040
1040 - 1100
Protecting in-silico modelling related inventions - Examples

Przemyslaw Godzina, Patent Examiner, EPO

1100 - 1110
1110 - 1120

Session 3: Patenting challenges

1120 - 1140
Exceptions and exclusions from patentatbility; specific criteria for computer implemented inventions

Kris Loveniers and Przemyslaw Godzina, EPO

1140 -
Conclusion and end of workshop

Ida Sofia R. Stenhagen, Patent Examiner, NIPO

Course Team

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