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Innovation Explorers - pushing boundaries

Recordings from NIPO's event during Oslo Innovation Week 2019

A seminar about taking advantage of innovation with the proper tools, and the latest news from cutting edge technology and innovation. Get important insights and tips on how you can succeed with your innovation process.

See the recordings from our event:

Welcome (1 & 2) –  (total time 6 min. and 53 sec.)
Per Foss, Norwegian Industrial Property Office & Bjarte Ystebø, moderator.

Valuable resources in your innovation process (3) – (9 min. and 10 sec.)
Fredrik Lundvall, Norwegian Industrial Property Office

Blockchain & intellectual property (4) – (15 min. and 5 sec.) 
Freja Christensen & Magnus Jones from EY 

Robotics/AI & intellectual property (5) – (15 min. and 35 sec.)
Andreas Bjørnebye, EY & Camilla Simonsen, SNØ Designstudio 

World-leading manufacturer of extreme weather clothing collaborates with explorer Vibeke Andrea Sefland, applying user interaction and testing as an innovation tool. Learn how Aclima uses trademarks as a competitive advantage (6) – (34 min. and 54 sec).
Rita Johansen, designer from Aclima & Vibeke Andrea Sefland, explorer

Blue ocean technology – creating an ocean data platform and building the world's largest research and expedition vessel (7) – (30 min. and 35 sec).
Jo Øvstaas, CSO, Ocean Data Platform Foundation, REV Ocean

AI startup in an intensive accelerator programme (8) – (15 min. and 35 sec.)
Åsmund Heir, CEO RagnaRock Geo & Audun Abelsnes, Managing Director, Techstars Energy Accelerator

Panel discussion (9) – (15 min. and 4 sec.) 
Bjarte Ystebø / moderator
Per Foss from / Norwegian Industrial Property Office 
Rita Johansen / Aclima
Jo Øvstaas / Rev Ocean 
Magnus Jones / EY

For whom?

This seminar is for entrepreneurs, start-ups and everyone who is interested in innovative, new technologies contributing to a sustainable future.

When: Available until 1 April 2020
Price: Free

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