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The power of green technology: Innovation-driven sustainability (60 min)

What are the challenges and opportunities facing companies in the innovation and development of green technology? For future growth and sound business decisions, you and your company need fact-based knowledge. In this recording we present insights from our patent landscape analysis on green technology and you will learn how to approach different legal issues.

Our analysis addresses global patenting trends and patenting activity levels within technologies such as green power production, renewable energy, green transportation, CO2 capture and CO2 limiting technologies. Norwegian companies OceanSun and Zaptec will share their experiences in the fields of green transportation and solar power.

Central topics:

  • Summary and highlights from the analysis
  • Helping Norwegian companies identify their intellectual property (IP) potential in green technology
  • Legal issues, pitfalls and opportunities related to IP and sustainability

The speakers in this recording are Marie Vaale-Hallberg, specialised IP partner i Kvale Law and the head of KVALE IP and Technology Group, and Senior Patent Examiner Fredrik Lundvall from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

Take a closer look at the analysis

The analysis shows the data on a global level, and looks at how Norwegian and Nordic innovation fit into this context. You can read the full patent landscape analysis here (Norwegian only): Grønn teknologi – globale trender og muligheter

For whom?

This breakfast meeting was tailoured for entrepreneurs, SMEs, technologists and R&D communities, within the development of green technology in areas such as green power production, renewable energy, green transportation, CO2 capture and CO2 limiting technologies.

When: The recording is available until 30 September 2023
Price: Free
Tid: 60 min

This meeting was held in cooperation with Kvale Law and was part of the Oslo Innovation Week main track “Scaling for global success” – #OIW2022.

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Marie Vaale-Hallberg, partner i advokatfirmaet Kvale
Marie Vaale-Hallberg

Marie Vaale-Hallberg is one of Kvale's specialised IP partners and the head of its IP and Technology Group. Marie works with major national and international brands, both with enforcement and prosecution as well as undertaking contractual work.

With a strong commercial focus, she has broad IP judicial practice, including IP strategies, research and development agreements, protection and enforcement of trademarks, patents and designs, IP strategies and marketing law. Marie is frequently invited to lecture on IP and marketing law subjects in Norway and abroad.

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Fredrik Lundvall
Fredrik Lundvall

Fredrik Lundvall is a Senior Patent Examiner at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. He processes applications for patents within chemistry, in particular the fields of inorganic and industrial chemistry.

In addition, he frequently lectures on IPR and contributes to the landscape analysis activities at NIPO. Fredrik holds MSc and PhD degrees in chemistry from the University of Oslo, where he formerly worked as a researcher.

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