No Norwegian national ID number?

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) offers a secure electronic solution for those of our customers without a national ID number. Communicate electronically with us, file applications, make payments and find receipts and messages from us - all in one place.

You will find our forms in Altinn – a Norwegian internet portal for digital dialogue between businesses, private individuals and public agencies. Create an account in Altinn and start using our electronic forms. Please note that this means all communication in both previous and new cases with the NIPO will now be sent to the same new Altinn account. 

Log in

  • Go to
  • Click «Log in»
  • At the bottom of the screen, click “Proceed to alternative log-in methods”.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click “Log in without national identity number/D-number→ “.
  • The first time you log in, you must «Create a new user». Important: When creating your account - use the e-mail address in which you wish to receive all communication from the NIPO.

Receipt for filing and payment

NIPO will not send you a receipt. To obtain a receipt, choose one of the following methods: 

  1. To receive an automatic receipt by e-mail when submitting a form:
    At the top of the page in your inbox in Altinn you must choose “profile”. Open your contact information and check the box “I would like to receive a receipt by e-mail when submitting forms”.
  2. Find your receipt on the receipt page (which will appear as soon as you have paid the application), or in your archive in Altinn. Choose ‘Send a copy of the receipt by e-mail’, or save it to your device by clicking ‘Print receipt’.

Messages, completed forms and work in progress

After receiving an e-mail alert from the NIPO, you will find our message in your inbox on Note that each message has two due dates. You find the actual due date for replying to our letter once you open the message. The shorter due date you see on the right hand side of the message before opening it, is for sending you a reminder if you have not opened the message by this date.

In your inbox, you will also find forms that you are still working on (not completed or sent to the NIPO). You will find forms (and receipts) that you have submitted in your archive (on the left hand side in your inbox).

Direct links to our forms in Altinn

Feedback from the first customer to use our electronic forms

Szonja Fehertavi at Nordic Patent Service A/S warmly recommends this platform to any other patent professionals wishing to further digitalise their workflow, and to provide a better customer service with cleaner forms and immediate filing confirmation.

Read her feedback:

"Our firm always looks at new ways to improve our workflow, digitalise paperwork as well as reduce the amount of administration work required, hence we welcomed the opportunity from the NIPO to test their new platform for validations, patent filings and communicating with the NIPO for non-Norwegian customers.

The creation of our user account went swiftly and without any problems; and very shortly we started using the new forms on Altinn for validations. This has various advantages: not only the digital form is quicker to fill and easier to double-check but can be saved at any time and allows for immediate card payment too. Hence, we immediately receive an email and the official filing receipt, allowing for a better customer service for our clients. Completing the forms is quick, easy and straight-forward; prior to submission there is a chance to check the form digitally, which notifies the user of any mistakes (e.g. fields missing), hence reducing the chance of any oversight.

We also set up our central email at the time of the registration, so when we add our email to the online form, it automatically pre-fills our company details – an absolute delightful addition which significantly reduces the required administration work.

We can also see and access our sent forms as well as in progress forms on the Altinn platform at any time under the Archived folder and we now exclusively receive communication from the NIPO through Altinn. We now receive an email when a new message is available on Altinn which allows for immediate processing – this is crucial for e.g. Power of Attorney or other deadlines, reducing the waiting time for receiving communications via traditional post and of course results in reduced paperwork to handle. The only drawback with this is that the NIPO assigns a ‘due date’ on the front page of each messages message; this is not to be confused with the actual due date of the communication itself. This ‘due date’ on the digital mails refers to the due date by which it has to be viewed (usually a few days after receiving it in our inbox), I suspect this is to ensure that the mails are opened, viewed and handled at our ends.

Communication with the NIPO is now easy, secure and digitalized; we will continue to use Altinn for validation and patent filings and we can warmly recommend this platform to any other patent professionals wishing to further digitalise their workflow and to provide a better customer service with cleaner forms and immediate filing confirmation."


If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service Centre: + 47 22 38 73 00

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