Collaboration partners

We collaborate with other public actors and academia to reach out to a larger part of the business world and society in general.

Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA)

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) and Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) collaborate to provide a comprehensive offer to customers in the business world.

European Patent Office (EPO)

The cooperation agreement between the EPO and the NIPO contains a number of projects that will contribute to raising competence internally and externally, harmonizing practice, and IT-related cooperation.

Innovation Norway

The NIPO and Innovation Norway work together to provide a wholesome offer to our customers.

Insj UiO

The purpose of the agreement on cooperation between Insj UiO and the NIPO is to strengthen the training and competence offer on IPR for legal managers and students at Insj.

The Research Council of Norway

The Research Council of Norway and the NIPO work together to provide our customers with a wholesome offer.

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

The purpose of the collaboration is to increase expertise on intellectual property rights (IPR) within relevant study and subject areas at NMBU.

Nordic Patent Institute (NPI)

The Nordic Patent Institute is a collaboration between the patent authorities in Denmark, Norway and Iceland and has the status of a PCT authority.

NTNU's School of Entrepreneurship

NTNU's School of Entrepreneurship and the NIPO jointly wish to strengthen training among students in areas such as trademark and branding, design protection, patents and other innovation-oriented areas.


The cooperation agreement between Siva - the company for industrial growth SF and the NIPO.

SMB Norway

The cooperation agreement between SMB Norway and the NIPO aims to formalize and strengthen the cooperation between SMB Norway and the NIPO.

Styresenteret AS

The NIPO and Styresenteret AS have entered into a cooperation agreement to disseminate knowledge about intangible values and how the board and day-to-day management can work to safeguard these values in the company.

Norwegian Customs

The cooperation between the Norwegian Customs and the NIPO shall contribute to mutual knowledge of the parties' areas of responsibility.

One result of the collaboration is, among other things, the website The website has been set up by the NIPO, the Ministry of Culture and the Norwegian Customs on behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries.

Young entrepreneurship

The goal of the collaboration is to increase students' familiarity with the NIPO, and also to give them knowledge about how an idea can be protected and why this is important. This is to give young people the skills to engage in innovation themselves.

The University of Agder

The purpose of the collaboration is to increase expertise on IPR within relevant study and subject areas at UiA and at the same time contribute with guidance for PhD candidates and UiA employees. In addition, the NIPO will contribute with project guidance.