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Customer Service Centre

  • Telephone: +47 22 38 73 00
  • Opening hours for telephone enquiries: Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm.
  • Closed on official public holidays

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Correspondence in connection with an application or registration

We reccomend that you use the correspondence form in Altinn. You will receive a receipt immediately.
Altinn: Correspondence to NIPO (NB: The form is in Norwegian).

If it is not possible for you to use Altinn, you can send an e-mail to

Correspondence with Norwegian Industrial Property Office: If you receive correspondence from us on paper today and wish to receive it electronically (via Altinn) in the future, please contact our Customer Service Centre (tel: +47 22 38 73 00).

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  • Organisation number: 971526157

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Thank you for your feedback! If you need an answer, call +47 22 38 73 00 and talk to our Customer Service Centre.
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