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Kathrine Myhre is director General for the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO. Together with six department directors they make up the management group.

Patentstyrets leiargruppe

  • Kathrine Myhre

    Kathrine Myhre

    Director General Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO)

    Kathrine Myhre has a broad background and expertise in innovation, business and export strategy, and the creation and scaling of companies. Innovation and the development of the public sector has been high on her agenda for many years, and she is passionate about bringing new knowledge and technology to products and solutions that can help develop a more sustainable society.

    Kathrine has a master’s degree in political science from the University of Reading, UK and the University of Oslo (UiO). During her studies she was an active student politician with a strong interest in innovation and was president of the Student Parliament at UiO in 1993.

    Kathrine started her professional career at the UiO, handling IPR, building innovation culture and creating businesses based on novel research from the university. She was one of the initiators of Birkeland Innovation in 2004 (forerunner to today's Inven2, the technology transfer office (TTO) at UiO) and was Director of Innovation there for several years. The TTO-company was formed to help researchers at the university patent and commercialise research results. Later she became Director of Innovation at the research and business park, IT Fornebu.

    In 2009, Kathrine established the health cluster Norway Health Tech as a non-profit member organisation, focusing on innovation, business creation and international scaling of health companies. Norway Health Tech was awarded the NCE-status (Norwegian Centre of Expertise) by Innovation Norway’s cluster program in 2015. It received Gold Label-status from the European cluster organisation in 2016 and was recertified with the gold label in 2018. She initiated and was chair of the board of Norway’s first health incubator, Aleap, from 2016 to 2020, and was awarded HIMSS Future50 European Achievement Award in 2019. When Kathrine left the CEO role in December 2020, Norway Health Tech was the largest health cluster in Norway.

    Kathrine is today Director General of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, a position she took up on 1 January 2021. She is also vice chair of the board of the Norwegian Export Strategy Council.

    Kathrine has, over the years, built organisations and a broad network, nationally and internationally, and is a confident speaker within her fields of expertise. She has initiated and led a wide range of strategic and innovative processes and projects, and holds several strategic board positions.

    Phone number

    +47 930 69 634

  • Bjørn Lillekjendlie

    Bjørn Lillekjendlie

    Director patent

    Phone number

    +47 990 00 098

  • Bernt Boldvik

    Bernt Boldvik

    Director design and trademark

    Phone number

    +47 905 35 334

  • Otto Scharff

    Otto Scharff

    Director for Digital Services

    Phone number

    +47 992 98 019

  • Jostein Sandvik

    Jostein Sandvik

    Director legal and international staff

    Phone number

    +47 450 00 541

  • Elisabet Mæland Fosse

    Elisabet Mæland Fosse

    Director communication and knowledge

    Phone number

    +47 908 81 173

  • Ane Merete Nyrud Stray-Pedersen

    Ane Merete Nyrud Stray-Pedersen

    Director business management

    Phone number

    +47 995 17 333