Strategy for the Norwegian Industrial Property Office

A dedicated partner for increased innovation and value creation.

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Our societal mission

Greater corporate and socioeconomic profitability from intangible assets

Intangible assets can constitute up to 90% of an organization's assets. How these assets are secured and developed, ensuring they grow in worth, is about managing them wisely and effectively.

When the intangible assets of an organization or company are well managed, the likelihood of success in value creation increases.

Our societal mission is, therefore, to be a collaborator and facilitator for the effective management of intangible assets, enhancing profitability and value creation for businesses and, more broadly, for Norwegian society.

Our vision

Turning ideas into assets

Groundbreaking inventions change our everyday lives. Innovative treatments save lives. New technology contributes to a sustainable future. And good design solves both big and small problems. Safety equipment that protects you and yours, the brands you choose in the store, and the series you love to watch.

All of these are examples of ideas that have turned into assets for businesses, society, and all of us who benefit from them. These are assets we must preserve and manage well.

We contribute to turning ideas into assets for businesses and society.

Our goals

We have three goals, all centered around creating assets value. These three goals guide us and help us prioritize. Each year, we evaluate how we are perceived by customers, society, owners, and employees. This insight is used to continuously develop and improve ourselves.

Value for customers – a customer-centric competence center

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This involves:

  • Understanding the needs of the business and delivering services that help customers in their markets.
  • Handling cases with high quality, service, and efficiency.
  • Effectively conveying the significance of intellectual property rights for value creation.

Value for society – an engaged collaborator in innovation and value creation

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This involves:

  • Working to make intellectual property rights well-known and used in innovation and business development.
  • Being recognized as a competence center advocating for better use of intangible values.
  • Contributing to sustainable development in business and society.

Value for employees – an attractive organization and workplace

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This involves:

  • Strengthening our inclusive work environment and offering a flexible and varied workday with development opportunities for all.
  • Reinforcing our culture characterized by openness, learning, and sharing both internally and externally.
  • Consciously working to use our resources more efficiently and sustainably.

Our core values guide us

Our core values drive us forward. The values show how we should be. They shape daily work and the choices we make. Our values are:

  • Credible
  • Customer-oriented
  • Engaged
  • Solution-oriented

These values help us bring the vision to life, fulfill the societal mission, and achieve our goals. We shall regularly ask ourselves, customers, and partners if we adhere to our values.

Key trends shape us

Three particular trends shape how the Norwegian Industrial Property Office fulfills its societal mission.

We must evolve in line with society. We must identify needs, understand, and respond more quickly. What we do today may not be good enough tomorrow. To meet increased expectations from owners, customers, employees, stakeholders, and society, we must develop as an organization and as individuals.

We live in a wave of digitization that has a tremendous impact on us. As the world adopts new technology and develops new services at a rapid pace, it also creates expectations for us. We shall offer relevant and secure services that effectively solve customer problems. To create more value for customers, society, and employees, we will significantly invest in digital service and competence development.

Norway is in a green transition, and we must develop existing businesses and create new growth industries that we can sustain in the future. The government has set a goal to increase non-oil and gas exports by 50% by 2030. We must also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. These goals are important to us at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. We aim to be perceived as a competent collaborator in the green shift.

We must be good at understanding the needs of the business and delivering services that help Norwegian businesses succeed in the export market and with innovations that contribute to more sustainable development.

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