Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

PPH gives you the opportunity to have your patent application processed more quickly, if a patent authority that is part of the PPH scheme has already made a positive patentability assessment of the same invention.

When can you apply for PPH?

You can request faster processing of your application at a patent authority, if you have received a statement that at least one of the corresponding patent claims is patentable by a cooperating patent authority.

How much does it cost?

It is free to apply for PPH processing.

How do you apply for PPH?

To have the patent application treated as a PPH, you must submit a written application for PPH processing.

Use the application form in PDF or Word format below.

NB: Unfortunately, the PDF form cannot be completed electronically.

Feel free to attach a table showing how the cooperating authority has assessed the requirements that match the requirements you have submitted.

Any obstacles to getting PPH processing

In order for your application to receive PPH processing, it is a prerequisite that novelty and inventive step have been assessed by a cooperating patent authority.

The patent claims you deliver must be similar or narrower in scope than the claims that the other patent authority has assessed as patentable.

An application where we have already started the substantive processing cannot be processed in the PPH scheme.

How do we treat PPH?

When we carry out PPH processing, we use the investigation and assessment that has already been carried out in the patent examination, but we also carry out an independent substantive examination in accordance with national regulations and national practice.

How long does it take?

We aim to start the proceedings and send the first opinion on the merits within 3 months after the application for PPH processing has been submitted.

Global PPH (GPPH)

Read more about Global PPH on WIPO's website. There you will also find an overview of which patent authorities are included in the scheme.

Agreement on PPH between Norway and China

From 1 April 2020, Norway and China have had an agreement on PPH. This was continued in a new agreement from 1 April 2023.

The conditions for requesting PPH when submitting a patent application to the Chinese Patent Authority (CNIPA) (PDF) (insert link)

The conditions for requesting PPH processing when submitting a patent application to the Swedish Patent Office (PDF) (insert link)


Some of the cooperating patent authorities are also PCT authorities.

Positive examination opinions from these international PCT authorities can be used by national authorities that are part of the PPH scheme and vice versa.

Do you have questions about PPH?

Contact our Support Center, see information below.

Current regulations

See the patent guidelines part A, chapter VII, point 3.

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