Who`s (whose) right?

Join us during Oslo Innovation Week and learn how to protect creators` work in the age of generative AI.


The protection of artists and innovators`rights is complicated when tools for generating "in the style of" are freely available . How can one secure ownership for one`s work? We facilitate a discussion about intellectual property rights, from patents to tools that safeguard against AI scraping.

The spray can is a Norwegian invention, patented in 1929, and one of the first Norwegian products that made a big impact internationally. Its rights holder, Erik Rotheim, could choose the fate of his invention and gave his consent to further use to other companies.

This is not always the case for creators and innovators today – even though copyright, design and other protection laws are in place. Large language models scrap the internet for training with little choice left to opt-out, and counterfeiting and piracy is higher than ever. 

Join us for a discussion about the value and tools available for protecting your work - with a pioneer in redirecting AI scraping traffic, Spawning, in dialogue with Silvija Seres, one of the most profiled tech-voices in Norway. Other artists and IP experts to be confirmed soon.

For whom? 

This event is a collaboration with Oslo Science Park and their street art exhibition, and is open to entrepreneurs, artists, copyrights enthusiasts and contestors alike.

Meet up for breakfast, mingling and registration from 08.00 - 08.30 am. 

Oslo Innovation Week 2024 

Invites you to the heart of Nordic innovation. Pioneers is the theme for this twentieth edition. You can join in Oslo from 23-27 September. The umbrella event is uniting 80+ events driven by Norwegian and international incubators, investors, and startup ecosystem highlighting actual solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals. Explore the programme.


  • silvijasmall-uai-700x466

    Silvija Seres

    AI expert and author

    Silvija is a mathematician and a technology investor. She has worked on algorithm research in Oxford, development for the search engine Alta Vista in Palo Alto, strategic leadership in Fast Search and Transfer in Oslo and Boston, and later in Microsoft. She now works as a board member in several major companies such as DNV and Ruter, and as an active investor in several startup companies.

  • cullen-miller_800

    Cullen Miller

    VP of Policy

    Cullen is an engineer, spatial media designer, and musician based in Berlin (& San Francisco, sometimes).

    He is currently the VP of Policy at Spawning, an organization building data governance solutions for AI training datasets. Previously he helped design and engineer the technical systems for large-scale immersive media-based architecture projectsr at the SphereAl-Wasl Plaza, and numerous other immersive environments.

  • benita_mackay

    Benita McKay

    Patent attorney

    Benita is both a part qualified European and UK patent attorney, specialising in protecting AI and software innovations. She has a PhD in applying AI to physics and bioengineering, and trained in one of Europe's top intellectual property firms before joining Bryn Aarflot's award winning patent team.