Banking information

Banking information: DNB Bank ASA. Address: N-0021 OSLO. BIC: DNBANOKKXXX


Account number for payment of invoices from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO): 8276.03.00078. Please quote our invoice number.

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) for this account is NO4682760300078.

Patent annuities and trademark, design and responsibility mark renewals

You can renew your patents, trademarks and designs by paying online through NIPO's search service. Here you can see when payment is due, the amount, and information about previous or ongoing payments for your case. If you click on the shopping cart icon you will come to our E-payment service.  You may pay by credit card, BankAxess or bank transfer.

NB: You need to set up an account to use the service.

More information about renewing your patent, trademark or design

Payment through your bank

Account number for direct payment of patent annuities and trademark /design /hallmark renewals: 8276.01.00192.

Payment from abroad: the IBAN for this account is NO8282760100192. Please specify which case number (application, registration or patent number) the payment concerns.

Please send information concerning the case number to

Checks and cash will not be accepted for payment of fees, annuities, renewals etc.

All payment deadlines are final

You must pay the fee or charge well before the deadline in order to avoid late fees, and the possible dismissal of your application or patent, trademark or design registration. The fee should be in NIPO's bank account on the due date.

Misleading invoices

Private citizens and companies in Norway receive from time to time misleading invitations and invoices in connection with their trademark and patent rights.
See a list of some of the companies sending misleading invoices


If you pay more than the amount due, but less than NOK 300, this sum will not be reimbursed unless you request it.

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