Electronic filing for foreign citizens

NIPO offers a secure electronic solution through the internet portal Altinn, for customers without a Norwegian national identity number or D number. After creating a user, you may submit applications, make payments, find receipts and correspond with us - all in one place.

How to log in

The first time you file an application, you must create a user in Altinn. 

Important: When creating your account - use the e-mail address in which you wish to receive all communication from NIPO.

  • Find the form that applies to you in the list below, and follow the link
  • Click «Start service»
  • At the bottom of the screen, click "Log in without national identity number/D-number“.
  • The first time you log in, you must "Create a new user". 


How to obtain a receipt for filing and payment

NIPO will not send you a receipt. To obtain a receipt, choose one of the following methods:

  1. To receive an automatic receipt by e-mail when submitting a form:
    At the top of the page in your inbox in Altinn you must choose "profile". Open your contact information and check the box “I would like to receive a receipt by e-mail when submitting forms”.
  2. Find your receipt on the receipt page (which will appear as soon as you have paid the application), or in your archive in Altinn. Choose "Send a copy of the receipt by e-mail", or save it to your device by clicking "Print receipt".

Where to find messages, completed forms and work in progress

After receiving an e-mail alert from us, you will find our message in your inbox in Altinn. 

Note that each message has two due dates: 

  • You find the actual due date for replying to our letter once you open the message.
  • The shorter due date you see on the right hand side of the message before opening it, is for sending you a reminder if you have not opened the message by this date.

In your inbox, you will also find forms that you are still working on (not completed or sent to the NIPO). You will find forms (and receipts) that you have submitted in your archive (on the left hand side in your inbox).


If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service Centre: + 47 22 38 73 00