How we work

The primary role of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) is to promote innovation and value creation. We grant rights for trademarks, patents and designs. NIPO is also a competence center for knowledge about intellectual property rights and values, and helps companies secure their investments, competitive positions and create economic growth.

NIPO offers guidance

Our Customer Service Centre and examiners are here to give you guidance. By guidance, we mean the information we can give you about patents, trademarks and designs, and what characterises them. Our staff can give you an overview of what opportunities exist, how to apply for rights and what it may mean for you and your business.



Do you need counselling?

If you need individual and strategic advice, we recommend using a patent attorney, IP advisor or other private actors who are experts in the field.

Our tasks

NIPOs primary task is to handle applications for patent protection, and for trademark and design registration.

Here you can read more about how we carry out our tasks.

What we cannot help you with

The NIPO is a neutral, government authority that assigns rights. Therefore, we cannot help you with the following:


Create value through licensing

Do you want to find new business opportunities and sources of income? Maybe you dream of selling your products in new markets?

Read about how licensing can open the doors to new opportunities.

Read more about licensing
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Order a pre-examination

Do you find it difficult to navigate and get an overview of all registered rights that may affect your idea? Then you can let us conduct a pre-examination for you. Pre-examinations are a paid service ordered via Altinn.

Read more about pre-examination

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