IP advisor

There are a number of advisers who can help you protect and maintain your intellectual property. Such advisers are often referred to as IP advisors (formerly: patent attorney), lawyers and attorneys.

Important to think about

Intellectual property cover many disciplines, such as copyright, trade secrets, patents, designs and trademarks. It is therefore important to find an adviser who is an expert on what you need.

Before you apply for new rights, you should, for example, consider how the new rights can strengthen your business.

Before beginning the application processes, you may need to make strategic decisions about which rights you should prioritize and in which countries. It can therefore be advantageous to contact an advisor early in the process.

How to find the right advisor?

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office cannot recommend specific people or consulting companies, but we have described some of the assessments you can make when you need to find an advisor that suits your needs.

Check whether the advisor is a member of an IP association. The associations can set requirements for both liability insurance and education, and have their own ethical rules, e.g. in relation to confidentiality.

Liability insurance can cover losses in the event of liability as a result of the consultancy. If necessary, check with what type of insurance the advisor has, and how much coverage the advisor's insurance has.

If you are already thinking about applying for rights in other countries, you should check what qualifications and experience the advisor has, and whether he/she is part of an international IP advisor network. This will make it easier to find national advisors in other countries, and to obtain information about laws and practices in such countries.

Advisor database

Innovation Norway's advisor database provides an overview of a number of advisors who offer various services related to intellectual property.

Patent advisor

These are advisors with technical expertise. They are often called IP advisors (formerly patent attorneys).

Writing a patent application can be very challenging and you may need help from an expert. Among other things, some knowledge of the application’s formalities is required.

Our statistics show that applications written by patent advisors more often lead to a patent than applications written without such assistance.


To get an overview of advisors who have submitted patent applications within your technical field, you can search our register. In the register, you can read patent applications and see how the patent applications are prepared. This can give you information about the expertise of the advisor.

Feel free to request an initial meeting with one or more advisors to discuss your needs. It can give you an impression of whether the advisor's competence and commitment are right for your business. It is important that your advisor has the right technical understanding, an understanding of your business and how you want to use patent protection.

If you are going to apply for a European patent and want an advisor to represent you, the advisor must be authorized to represent you before the EPO.

Practicing lawyers with a Norwegian bar license do not need to be authorized and can represent clients before the EPO. Such lawyers are not on the list of authorized advisors.

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