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Jesperpus has its own trademark

It is not just the fur that needs to be groomed and the area that needs to be taken care of. When your name is Jesperpus and you have your own company, you also have to protect your rights. Not only against the neighboring cats, but also against much bigger threats far outside the cats' territory.

The cats Jesperpus and Kasper are the main characters in the business Jesperpus. They live in Hedmark together with matron Aina Stormo, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations.

It started with Aina posting a skiing video with Jesperpus on social media. It went viral and led to great engagement in several channels. From the start with small daily updates from the daily life of Jesperpus, the interest gradually became so great that it was necessary to establish its own company, Jesperpus AS, to take care of the assets. Cats are one of the most used search terms on the web, and Jesperpus and Kasper have become the most popular pets. This does not only apply in Norway, but in large parts of the world.

Jesperpus and Kasper now have over 100,000 followers from all over the world in profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat and on both English and Norwegian blogs. There, the followers can participate in the everyday life of the two cats, and they convey good animal welfare and information about cat keeping. They have also set up their own online shop with products for cats and cat owners. There they sell, among other things, several self-produced calendar books, and they gradually invest more in their own product development.

Time Magazine has named Jesperpus one of the world's 100 most prominent animals. He has appeared on TV and radio channels around the world, including features from several of their ski trips. The highlight of them is the ascent of Galdhøpiggen (Norways highest mountain), as the first cat in the world.

"We have experienced that large foreign companies use our name to attract customers in the Norwegian market", says Aina Stormo. "In particular, we have noticed that Jesperpus has been misused as a keyword to get hits in relevant online search engines. Without protection, it is useless to try to prevent this.”

– We have chosen to register the name Jesperpus to protect ourselves against copying and misuse. In this way, we hope to take better care of the values the name has in the market, and which we have created with great effort over several years. We received help from Tandberg Innovation to register the trademark. Then we could be sure that everything was correct, and that nothing was left out in the process.

Katt på en trestamme

Aina Stormo

Founder and day-to-day manager of Jesperpus AS

"Especially when we now invest more in our own product development, we see that this is an important element in value creation. In our work, we will therefore constantly assess the need for more protection, also in terms of design."

Jesperpus has previously published 3 books at Cappelen Damm Forlag, including 2 children's books. In autumn 2021, another book was published by Jesperpus, then on his own publishing house. "Jesperpus is our trademark, and it is right to publish a book under our own trademark now." The book tells the story of Kasper, who was found in a cave with his siblings, and was "rescued" by an animal protection organization before he came home to Jesperpus. The book tells how he was socialized with his new family and shows many of the moments the two cats have together with the family, both the fun ones and the more serious ones.

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