Search in databases to see if your idea is new

Have you come up with a new idea for, for example, a product or a logo and want to find out if you can obtain the rights to it? Then it makes sense to investigate if someone else has already had the same idea as you.

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Common questions about searching in databases

If others have a similar or identical idea to yours, this could prevent you from using what you want to develop. It's essential to check this before investing too much time and money into the idea.

Thorough research through online searches and in national and international databases can also provide valuable information about market opportunities and good ideas, as well as inspiration for further development.

By searching in databases, you can:

  • Check if there are identical or similar trademarks, patents, or designs in Norway before investing time and money into development and marketing
  • Examine what your competitors are protecting in the Norwegian or international market
  • Investigate the industrial rights a company holds before investing in the company
  • Find detailed information about cases such as descriptions, images, letters, payments, and more.

Yes, it is free to search in the databases linked here.

If you plan to apply for a patent for an invention, it is particularly important to conduct a thorough search in international databases and sources. You cannot obtain a patent for something that already exists, regardless of where it exists in the world. An invention may, for example, have been disclosed in a previous patent application or mentioned on a website.

Don't limit your search

It is wise to search for different words and combinations of words to get as broad search results as possible. Your search results provide a good indication if there are already rights that could prevent you from obtaining rights to your idea.

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Start an application

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office is the authority for patents, trademarks, and designs. There are also other intangible assets, such as copyright, trade secrets, domain names, and plant breeder's rights.


Announcements in the Gazette

The Gazette is a publication that contains notifications of published rights applied for in Norway within the field of patents, trademarks, and designs.

Search in the Gazette
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Order a preliminary examination

Do you find it difficult to navigate and get an overview of all registered rights that may affect your idea? Then you can let us conduct a preliminary examination for you. Preliminary search is a paid service.

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Have you made a plan for your assets?

Did you know that as much as 90% of the assets in innovative companies can be intellectual property? It is therefore important that these values are managed correctly. A well-thought-out strategy is as important to commercial success as financing, marketing and sales.

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