Preliminary Search Service - before you apply for rights

If you are thinking about something new in terms of technology, trademark, logo or design, you should check whether others have rights that could stop your plans. A preliminary survey can give you information about this early in the process.

Useful for companies in various phases

A preliminary search provide useful information both for companies in the establishment phase and for established companies working with new products, new technology or with further development of existing products and portfolios.

The information can be used as a strategic tool in further business planning.

Preliminary Search Service - trademark

Have you found a new name for your company, service or product, or are you working on developing brand names and logos for clients? Other people's rights may stop you from using the intended name.

A preliminary search can answer you whether someone has already registered or applied to register a similar name or logo. You can also check whether it is possible to get exclusive rights to the name or logo.

If you check early in the process, you have time to make the necessary changes before launch. Then you can also prevent conflicts with other trademark owners.

Before you spend time and money on a new trademark, it is important to find out about the rights of others. This preliminary search will provide you with a listing of registered trademarks that may be similar to yours.

Use the preliminary examination if you:

  • wonder whether your trademark is unique or original
  • want to make sure that your trademark has not been registered previously or does not resemble other registered trademarks

Content and quality

  • Norway: we examine whether there are trademark applications or registered trademarks in Norway that are phonetically or visually similar, identical to - or contain your trademark. Trademarks are confusing if they are phonetically or visually similar, and apply to the same or similar goods or services.
  • The preliminary search does not include unregistered trademarks that are used in Norway. We therefore recommend that you also check other sources, such as the Brønnøysund registers for company names and Norid for domain names. In addition, you should search the internet to see if the word you want to register is used by others.

If you want to protect your name or logo with a trademark registration, it is advantageous first to check whether the trademark fulfils the requirements. This preliminary examination will provide you, within a few days, with an assessment of whether the trademark can be registered in Norway.

The name or logo must be distinctive, differ from the distinguishing marks of others and fulfil other requirements set out in the Trademarks Act to enable it to be registered as a trademark.

Content and quality

  • You will receive a technical assessment of whether the trademark can be registered in Norway. We check whether there any similar registered trademarks or trademark applications, or other obstacles in the Trademarks Act.
  • The assessment does not include unregistered trademarks that are used in Norway. We therefore recommend that you also check other sources, such as the Brønnøysund Register Centre for company names and Norid for domain names. In addition, you should search online to see whether the word you wish to have registered is being used by others.
  • Please note that ordering this preliminary examination does not include trademark registration. To register the trademark, you must submit a separate application for trademark registration.

Preliminary Search Service - patents

When you are working on the development of a new product or a technical solution, information about other people's inventions and ideas can be decisive for the further development and process.

Others may already have exclusive rights to products that are similar or identical to your product and are in the same market. The technical solution you have developed may already be protected and in use in other technical areas.

You can use preliminary examination to check what inventions and technology already exist, so that you avoid stepping on other people's rights. You can also use preliminary search to get inspiration to develop something yourself.

Preliminary Search Service - design

We search the Norwegian Industrial Property Office's register of design applications and registrations to see if there are previously registered products or ornaments that are visually similar to your design

Please be aware that we do not take a decision on whether the similar designs we may find actually prevent you from obtaining design rights or being able to use your design commercially. The preliminary investigation therefore does not provide a complete answer as to whether the design in the order may infringe the rights of others.

Which databases do we search in?

The searches are carried out using professional search methodology, and we use, among other things, databases and tools that only national patent offices have access to. We search publicly available information.


We have a statutory duty of confidentiality, and you are guaranteed full confidentiality when you order a preliminary examination. 

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the assignment. You can get express delivery for an additional price. You will find an overview of normal delivery times on the page with prices and delivery times.

How much does it cost?

Preliminary Search Service is a paid service, and the price depends on the size of the assignment. You will find some prices in our price overview, but we will give a more specific price offer when we receive an order.

How to order a preliminary search?

Contact our Customer Service Center for more information or to order a preliminary search. Call us at +47 22 38 73 00, or use the contact form in the link below.

If you have previously had a preliminary search carried out and are familiar with the services, you can use the online form in Altinn. This is a secure and traceable channel, where you get a receipt immediately. (The form in Altinn is in Norwegian only.)

If you are not able to use Altinn, you may send your query directly to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office via email.

NB: Be aware of the possibility that sensitive information can go astray when using email.