Dialogue Search

Have you invented something and are unsure whether it already existed? Then you can arrange a dialogue search meeting with us. In this meeting we give you basic information about patents and help you get started with investigating whether your idea is new.

Dialogue search is a meeting between two experts

You are the expert on your own idea and we are experts in searching for similar technology. In the meeting with one of our patent experts, you explain the idea, and together you search our databases.

Why is dialog search useful to you?

You will receive valuable information about what is needed to obtain exclusive rights in the form of a patent. You will also learn how to find similar technology and existing rights within your field of expertise.

This is important to be aware of so that you do not risk infringing the rights of others.

Content and quality

  • You booke a meeting with us and get two hours of help searching for relevant patents and other literature together with one of our technologists with expertise in database searches and patents. The meeting takes place digitally or physically at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.
  • The dialog search gives you knowledge about other players in your market and insight into what rights they have.
  • Our expert explains complex terms and helps you along the way, and you learn to evaluate the information you find. After the meeting we can send you the information found during the dialogue search, so that you can continue the research yourself.

How much does it cost?

How to order a preliminary search?

Contact our Customer Service Center for more information or to order a preliminary search. Call us at +47 22 38 73 00, or use the contact form in the link below.

If you have previously had a preliminary search carried out and are familiar with the services, you can use the online form in Altinn. This is a secure and traceable channel, where you get a receipt immediately. (The form in Altinn is in Norwegian only.)

If you are not able to use Altinn, you may send your query directly to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office via email.

NB: Be aware of the possibility that sensitive information can go astray when using email.