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Have you developed a new software or a new app?

Is it possible to patent an idea for a new innovation that runs on a computer to solve a technical problem?

Computer-implemented inventions are inventions that run on a computer to solve a technical problem. These inventions are patentable if they produce an internal or external effect.

Examples of such inventions:

  • AI system (AI system) that controls external traffic lights
  • video signal compression
  • encryption of electronic communications

Patents are granted for inventions within all technical areas, provided that the invention is new, inventive and industrially applicable. In other words, an invention can be protected by a patent as long as it solves a technical problem in a new and non-obvious way.

No patents on algorithms

Algorithms cannot be protected by patent, but on the other hand you can get a patent on the use of the algorithm to solve a concrete technical problem. For example, a method for using neural networks is not patentable. In contrast, you can get a patent for a method for controlling a turbine using neural networks.

Business methods and apps cannot be patented

Abstract concepts and ideas such as business methods or storylines for a new computer game are not considered patentable inventions. Mere presentation of information, such as in an app, will also not be considered a patentable invention.

In other countries with different legislation than Norway, for example in the USA, it may be possible to patent something that cannot be patented in Norway.

Copyright may apply

Source codes, databases, screenshots and documentation may be protected by copyright.

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