Copyright protects artistic works such as music, film and literature. Protection cannot be applied for, but arises automatically when you create a work.

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What does it mean to have copyright?

If an invention, a design or a trademark has the characteristics of something original and is the result of an individual creative effort, it is automatically protected under the Copyright Act.

Having copyright means that you have exclusive rights to how a work is to be used.

The main rights that come with copyright include:

Right to make copies of the work.

Right to distribute copies of the work to the public.

The right to perform the work in public, such as playing a song or showing a film to the public.

Right to display the work publicly, particularly relevant for audiovisual works such as films or TV programmes.

Right to create derivative works or modifications based on the original work.

Is about the right to be recognized as the creator and the right to oppose any deformation or improper use of the work that may damage the creator's honor or reputation.

Right to transfer the work to the public.

© is the symbol for copyright


What is protected by copyright?

Copyright protects original and creative works within the following categories.

Includes books, articles, poetry, and other written works.

Musical works with or without text.

This includes paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other visual art.

Protects scripts, characters, scenographies and other elements of theater and film productions.

Code and programming are also protected by copyright.

The design of buildings may be subject to copyright protection.

Original choreographies can also be protected.

This includes TV programmes, commercials and other audiovisual content.

How long does copyright last?

An intellectual work is protected for the lifetime of the creator, and 70 years after the end of the year of the creator's death.

Why is copyright important?

Copyright gives the right holder control over how the work is used. It also provides the opportunity to make money from the work through licensing or selling the rights. You can both inherit and "sell" copyright by entering into a usage agreement.

The role of the Norwegian Industrial Patent Office

Within copyright, the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) has two roles - supervision for the collective management of copyright and related rights, and approval authority for organizations that wish to enter into agreements with contractual license effect.

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