What do the symbols used for trademarks and copyrights mean?

You may have seen the symbols ®, © and TM and wondered what they mean? Here is a short explanation.

These are symbols that many people use in the marketing of products and services to indicate ownership and  to hold competitors at a distance.

® = Registered trademark

To be able to use ®, you must apply for registration of your trademark. You apply to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) for registration that will be valid in Norway.

Use of this symbol in connection with a product or service in Norway may be a violation of the Marketing Act if you have not registered the trademark or are entitled to the goods or services in any other way.

Other countries and territories have their own registration offices and there are also international systems for applying in several countries at the same time.

TM = Trade Mark

TM stands for Trade Mark. You can use this symbol even if your trademark is not registered. It does not give you any protection in line with registration, but it can be used as a signal to the market that it is to be perceived as a trademark.

© = Copyright

© is the symbol for "copyright". There is no system for registration, but you must meet the requirements of the Copyright Act to obtain protection (in Norwegian - åndsverkloven).

NB: P in the circle is used in connection with chemical cleaning of clothes.

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