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Cycling gloves


With innovative solutions in hand protection, Granberg AS is poised to become of the world's leading glove manufacturers. To keep competitors at bay, the products are given design protection and trademark registration.

Machine shows so-called thermal spraying

Seram Coatings

“For us, it is crucial have special patent protection so that we are more strongly placed if anyone manages to copy our product”.

Packs of Smartfish juice-based Omega 3 emulsions


«As a small company, we find that we have far great negotiating power through patented technology. This provides us with a far firmer foundation on which to invest in our products and therefore also to further develop the business.»

Acoustic panels mounted on a wall

Rom & Tonik

Coarse wool, fine design: They have gone in for design and trademark registration rather than patents. This makes Rom & Tonik® well placed to conquer the world market with acoustic panels based on coarse wool.

Snowshoes by FIMBULVETR®


"Safeguarding rights is a necessary tool with which to protect the innovation and tell the world that this is a completely new way of producing snowshoes."

The Hotel The Thief

The Thief

Businesses and product developers often involve their customers when developing new and existing products and services. This makes new demands on how they protect their brands. Choice Hotels learnt that with the choice of the name ‘The Thief’.

Founders Håkon Sagberg and Knut Sandven

Gas Secure

A smart patent process over the course of 12 years enabled the founders of the small technology firm GasSecure eventually to earn half a billion Norwegian kroner.

John Arne Breivik and Esben Beck. Photo: Stingray.


The simplest thing is generally what looks best and is most effective. The founders of Stingray Marine Solutions have created world-class fish farming technology with a simple and broad-spectrum patent.

Benches from Vestre at Aker Brygge


Vestre is an innovative furniture producer that has great respect for the rights of its designers. No one is to be allowed to take a free ride on the work of others. The most effective way in which we can prevent illegal imitations is to register designs and trademarks for all products.

Dynatec reaktor

Dynatec AS

"Patenting both nationally and internationally has been an important strategy for us right from the start."

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