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Huddly creates better video meetings with intelligent cameras and artificial intelligence

Huddly develops products by combining expertise across design, hardware, software and artificial intelligence. The company's intelligent cameras are designed to make it easier and better for people to communicate with each other in video meetings. The products are protected by various types of rights.

Huddly is a technology company that was established in Oslo in 2014. The company develops video conferencing equipment for a better and more inclusive user experience in video meetings.

Uses several types of rights

Huddly is a world leader in video camera technology. In addition to developing high-tech cameras, they have also developed a distinctive design for their products. They have therefore chosen to use several protection mechanisms:

  • they have applied for a patent for technical solutions
  • for designs they have secured design registrations
  • for their trademarks they have different trademark registrations

Their market is basically the whole world. They have therefore chosen to spread their IP portfolio quite widely internationally.

IPR strategy

Their IPR strategy has been developed to ensure that they systematically look after and protect the strategically important innovations they develop in the company. They invest heavily in product development. It is absolutely essential that the results created through this are protected. Internally, they have established a process that is followed throughout the entire product development cycle, so that they can determine the best way to secure the individual project or product.

Have experienced copying

They have experienced copying of one of their products. A company marketed copycat products in the US, which is Huddly's main market. They sued this company in the United States, and Huddly prevailed on all counts in a judgment from May 17, 2022.

– We have had one case of copying of our products and we sued this copy manufacturer in the US. The US court fully agreed with us on all counts. This win was important for us. Not only does it show that it is useful to protect our IPR, but it also sets an example, by showing that we go after those who encroach on our rights.

Cecilia Orheim

Chief Legal & HR Officer at Huddly

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Cecilia Orheim

Chief Legal & HR Officer at Huddly

"Unless we have a clear and distinct strategy around IPR, we are vulnerable to attacks from actors who want to exploit what we have created," says Cecilia Orheim.

Huddly always starts by identifying IPR internally in its projects. They always go several rounds internally to make sure they have matured the project, the idea and what they want to protect. When they have progressed sufficiently in the innovation process, they always collaborate with a patent office to save and finalize applications.

Good advice for other businesses in the start-up phase

  • Be sure to create an IP strategy early.
  • Ensure that what is created in the business is owned by the business (ensure that rights are transferred from employees and partners).
  • Ensure confidentiality in innovation processes.
  • Protect strategically important IPR in markets where the products are to be marketed, sold and manufactured, and in countries where there may be a risk of copy production.
  • Consider whether one and the same product can be protected in different ways (patent, trademark, design registration).
  • Monitor the market; keep an eye on what your competitors are doing

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