Trademark Registration

In 2016 we again saw a positive rise in the number of trademark applications direct to Norwegian Industrial Property Office from both Norwegian and foreign applicants.

Two ways to register a trademark in Norway:

  • File an application for registration directly to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office. Most Norwegian applicants file their applications in this way
  • Private individuals or companies connected to one of the member states of the Madrid Protocol, may, on the basis of a national trademark application or a national trademark registration, apply for registration in the other member countries. Over half of the trademark applications received by NIPO are designations via the Madrid Protocol.

The total number of trademark rights in Norway are a combination of these. A trademark registration lasts for 10 years and can be renewed for 10 years at a time. 

Trademarks: figures for period 2014-2016

  2014 2015 2016
Trademark applications total 15450 16630 15702
- direct to NIPO from Norwegian applicants 3959 4097 4265 
- direct to NIPO from foreign applicants 3008  3007  3302 
- international designation in Norway via Madrid Protocol from Norwegian applicants 11 
- international designation in Norway via Madrid Protocol from foreign applicants 8472  9521  8133 
Decisions in trademark applications 16704  15656  15776 
- registered trademarks 14516  13541  13294 
- refused  174  139  143
- finally shelved or withdrawn 2014 1976 2339
Renewed 8717 10320 11944
Total number of registered trademarks in effect 207918 214449 217437


The reason why the total number of trademark applications was lower in 2016 than in 2015 is fewer designations through the Madrid Protocol due to a backlog at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in connection with the transition to a new computer system. We expect these designations to come in 2017.

More than 88% of trademark applications received normal approval, and 13 294 trademarks were registered in 2016. Roughly as many trademark applications were decided as new applications were received in 2016. This led to the number of trademark applications in processing at the end of the year being on a par with that in 2015.

You can find more statistics in our Statistic module

Case processing time

The target is for applicants for registration of trademarks at NIPO to receive a decision on their applications within 3-6 months. If there are no obstacles, the trademark is registered before this time limit is passed. Norway is one of the countries in Europe with the shortest processing times. Applicants who need faster decisions can ask for fast track processing. We measure average case processing time as the time from when the trademark application is filed until the applicant receives a response from NIPO.

In 62% of cases the outcome is that the trademark is registered without further correspondence with the applicant. At the end of 2016, case processing time was around 4.5 months for trademark applications filed directly at NIPO, and around 3.5 months for international designations in Norway through the Madrid Protocol.

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