Customer satisfaction

We conduct annual surveys to measure customer satisfaction and to help us improve customer dialogue.

NIPO's case processing and services

We conduct an annual survey to find out how satisfied customers are, when filing applications for patent, trademark and design registration. In 2017, a total of 329 of 1141 customers responded to the survey, a response rate of 29%. The survey shows a high level of satisfaction in all three areas - patents, trademarks and designs.

The result is well above our internal target of 3.5 in the vast majority of areas, and the results are very stable from year to year.

Results for preliminary search examinations

We also conduct an annual survey among those who have purchased preliminary search examinations in the areas of patents, trademarks and designs. Of the 282 who received the survey questionnaire in 2017, 79 (28%) responded. The results show that the customers were again very satisfied with these examinations in 2017 and that the target of 3.5 was met.

Transfer of skills

In the annual customer survey we examined whether we reach our customers with information on the use of intellectual property rights. The survey shows that customer contact through the Customer Service Centre and case officer is important, in addition to course activities.

The target is an average score of 3.5 on a scale from 1 to 4 (where 1 is negative and 4 is positive). We attain the target in the vast majority of areas, and changes since 2016 are small.

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