Domain names

A domain name is an internet address. A domain name is usually linked to internet services such as websites or an e-mail address.

How do I register a domain name?

NORID registers domain names under the .no domain. However they do not accept individual applications for domain names. All applications must be submitted via a .no domain registrar. Go to, where you will find a list of NORID approved registrars and also further information on the terms of registration.

On NORID's web site you will also find a list of geographical and generic top-level domains where you may register your domain name. A top-level domain is the word that comes after the fullstop in the domain. In addition to countries such as .no and .se there are may other top-level domains, such as .cars and .toys.
See a list of so-called generic top-level domains at

Who can apply?

Each top-level domain has its own terms of registration. Under the .no top-level domain, companies and organisations registered in the Company Register at the Brønnøysund Register Centre may apply, as may also private citizens over the age of 18 registered in the National Directory of Residents. A Norwegian postal address is also required.

What rights do I get by registering a domain name?

Registering a domain name does not, in itself, give you any rights. A domain name is, in the first instance, nothing more than an internet address. If you have no prior rights attached to the name you register as a domain name, then no rights are established by just registering that domain name. However, you can obtain a right to the domain name by having used it in such a way that it has become a trademark (distinctiveness via use), or by registering it as a trademark, or company name.

Can more than one person have a right to the same domain name?

A domain name is unique and can only have one owner. The same domain name may however be registered by several owners under different top-level domains, for instance .no and .com. Conflicts may therefore arise between different people who believe they have a right to the same domain name.

Several organisations may have a right to the same domain name on their own separate basis. For example, someone may use it as a registered trademark, someone else as a company name and other persons may assert that it has been incorporated as their trademark via regular use. All these can have an equally significant right to the domain name in question, but only one can have it registered under the .no-domain or another top-level domain. The principle "first come first served" applies here.
Domain names under .no
Generic top-level domains

Internet addresses are categorised by top-level domains

Top-level domains may be based on geography og may be generic (gTLDs).

In Norway, ".no" is the geographic top-level domain. There are also regional top-level domains such as .eu, under which Norwegian residents may register a domain name. In addition to the generic top-level domains such as .com, .info, .biz etc., ICANN has also opened up for many new top domains.

ICANN is an international organisation which administers and assigns generic top-level domains. NORID administers the .no domain.
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