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State of the art search

What already exists in the technical area you are interested in?

This preliminary search will show you which patents and patent applications exist in a particular technical area. If you are aware of patent activities in your technical area, you are well placed to make profitable decisions later.

Assessment early in the process

It is a good strategy to have up-to-date information on the patent landscape in your specialist field. You can see what others have applied for or are applying for, and whether new competitors have emerged in the same market.

When you know what already exists, you can also start your own innovation at as high a technical level as possible.

Content and quality

  • We conduct an examination to cover a more closely defined technical area. This includes published patents and patent applications on a worldwide basis, and other relevant literature.
  • You receive a written report containing findings and assessments that can be used as evidence or documentation later in the process.
  • You will be given a case officer who specialises in the technical areas concerned. You can have a dialogue with this person before, during and after the preliminary examination.

What databases do we search in?

Our case officers use databases and tools to which only national patent offices have access.

We search in publicly available information. This means, among other things, that national and international patent applications that are within the secrecy period of 18 months cannot be included in the assessments.

Checklist for ordering

Information you should include in the order:

  • Describe the technical area you want to have analysed
  • Tell us a little about the purpose of the search, for example to obtain an overview of patent activities, an overview of competitors or inventors, to gain inspiration, find new areas for development.
  • Specify technical expressions or keywords familiar to you, ideally in English or another relevant language.
  • Ideally specify players you know to operate in the area concerned
  • Ideally refer to websites, articles or other sources that may assist in describing or limiting the search

Ordering and delivery

You will usually receive the preliminary examination within 10 working days.

The price of the preliminary examination depends on the size of the assignment. See under "State pf the art search" in the price list.

A good description of the technical area you want to be covered is important in enabling us to deliver the best possible overview of technology.

After you have placed an order, the case officer will contact you to clarify the assignment in more detail.

You can place an order in several ways. Read more about ordering your search.


We observe the statutory duty of secrecy in all preliminary examinations, and treat purchases of preliminary examinations confidentially.

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