Priority document and certified copies

You can order a WIPO DAS code, priority document and certified copies from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, NIPO.

Priority document

A priority document is a copy of the first documents that were submitted with your application. If you apply abroad and wish to claim priority from your previous Norwegian application, you must order a WIPO DAS code or a priority document from the NIPO.


WIPO DAS is an international electronic system that allows the secure exchange of priority documents and similar documents between patent offices that participate in the scheme.

A WIPO DAS code is a code that gives access to the priority document through the WIPO Digital Access Service (WIPO DAS).

WIPO will automatically send an access code to the e-mail address you provide when ordering. Remember that you must share this code with the patent office in the country in which you wish to maintain priority. 

You can find information on how you can follow your cases on the WIPO Digital Access Service.


Some countries have special requirements that require a paper version: Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Japan and Russia. It is therefore important that you specify in which country you are applying.

If you apply in a country that is not a member of WIPO DAS, and you are registered as an Altinn customer with us, we can send a priority document via Altinn. Please note that some countries accept either a digital copy version or a copy version that you have printed yourself.

In the order form in Altinn, you can choose whether you want a WIPO DAS code, a paper version or an electronic version. We recommend using the WIPO DAS code where possible.


Certified copy

A certified copy is a copy of trademark and design registrations contained in our register.

We will send you the document electronically with the stamp and signature of the Director of the NIPO.

If you are registered as an Altinn customer with us, we will send the confirmation via Altinn. If you are not an Altinn customer with us, we will send the documents via e-mail.

English translation of classes for trademark and design product:

The classes for trademarks and collective marks, and product information for design are in Norwegian. If you need an English version, you must send us a translation together with your order and we will confirm that the translation is correct.

To find the correct English trademark classes, we recommend that you use the product selector. This tool can be used to translate selected terms from Norwegian to English and vice versa. You select the relevant goods and services in the product selector and press create/translate. The Norwegian text is then translated into English.

Copy service

You can order copies of applications, courts and other case documents.

Ordering and payment

Alternative way to order

You can also order by sending an e-mail to:

You must also transfer NOK 300 per document to NIPO's bank account 8276 01 00192. We do not invoice this amount.

Longer processing time when ordering by e-mail

Please note that orders via e-mail will take longer to process. We normally process orders that are delivered via e-mail within 10 working days. This is because, among other things, we have to wait for the money to arrive in the NIPO's account.

Delivery time

If you order via the form in Altinn, we will normally process orders for WIPO DAS codes within 1-2 working days, and other orders within 3-4 working days.

If you need an English text, it will take a few extra days.

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