All registered designs are placed in different classes according to an international classification system for designs, the Locarno Classification. This is a formal, legal requirement that does not affect the scope of the protection.

Overveiw over classes and sub classes

The NIPO places all designs in a Locarno class according to the Locarno Classification. We will place the design in the class that we believe is the correct one, without first asking you or your representative to approve this. We will however contact you or your representative, if we are in doubt about which class is the correct one.  

The Locarno class involves no limitation of the scope of the registration. It is only an administrative tool to organize our registers over design rights. 

Choosing class

As you fill in your application you will be able to state what class your product belongs to. 

The Locarno Classification comprises a list of classes and subclasses for different kinds of goods. 

Goods intended to form part of another product, are placed in the same class and subclass as the product of which they are intended to form part. 

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Start a design application

Go directly to our Application Guide to start the application process. The link leads to a login page. When you are logged in, you can start filing the application