Fees for design registration

Get an overview of all the costs for applying for design registration.

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Is your design new?

To obtain an exclusive design right, your design must be new. This means that the appearance of your registered design must be different from any design that already exists. If you want to check if a similar design is already registered or applied for, you can make a search in our design register.

Application fee

The fee for a design application is NOK 2 470. This covers registration of one design for five years. 

If your application contains more than one design, there is an additional fee of NOK 1 690 (multiple registration fee) for each extra design (the price will be worked out as you fill in the application). 


A design registration lasts for five years. Registration can be renewed for one or more periods up to a total term of 25 years. You will not receive an invoice for renewal, but we will send you a letter of notice ca 2 months before your registration expires. 

  • first renewal: NOK 3 770 
  • second renewal: NOK 4 550 
  • third renewal: NOK 5 330 
  • fourth renewal: NOK 6 500 
  • multiple registration fee for each design in excess of one to be renewed : NOK 1 690 
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Start a design application

Go directly to our Application Guide to start the application process. The link leads to a login page. When you are logged in, you can start filing the application.

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Applying for rights in other countries?

If you are planning on using your design commercially in other countries, it is wise to register your design there as well. Then you will have a strong case if someone tries to copy your design.