Apply for design in Norway

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About the application process

  1. 0 month

    You write your application and send it to us

    The application should include:

    • Illustrations that clearly show the design(s)
    • The name of the owner of the design
    • Brief explanation of what the product is 

    Contact us if you have any questions.

  2. 0-6 months

    We publish the application

    We will publish the application on our website immediately after receiving it, with the exception of the images that show the design. We keep the images secret while we process the application, although not for more than 6 months from the date of application or the date of a previous application concerning the same design (priority date).

    We will publish the images when the application is registered or when the maximum period of 6 months expires. You can influence the time of publication of the images by specifying a particular date within the maximum period of 6 months. In this case, we will start processing the application as usual, but wait to register and publish it until the date you have specified.

  3. 0-3 months

    We will contact you if your application contains errors or obstacles to registration

    If the application has formal defects or contains something that we can not register, we will contact you - either by calling you or sending you a letter. There we will explain what you need to do to enable us to register the design(s). Read more about what we check when we process your application.

    You will have a 2 month deadline to reply to the letter.

  4. 0-3 months

    We register the design

    We will register the design(s) if the application is in order, and publish the registration in the Norwegian Industrial Property Office design register.

  5. 0-5 months

    You reply to our letter within the deadline

    Your reply to our letters must be received by us within the deadline, or the application will be shelved. You can ask us once, to resume processing an application which has been shelved, by paying a resumption fee.

  6. 0-6 months

    Do you wish to apply in other  countries?

    If you wish to apply for design registration in other countries, you must do so within 6 months from the date of filing, or from the date of a possible earlier application for the same design (the priority date), to keep the same date of application as your Norwegian application.

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