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Helmet design

1. What is a design?

A design registration protects the shape and outward appearance of a product (not a concept or technical function). By registering your design with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) you obtain a monopoly to exploit the design commercially in Norway.

All kinds of physical objects, screen shots, icons, graphic symbols, typography and ornamentation can be registered as a design. You can also register an interior or parts of a product.

If you wish to register an animated object,  you must use the application form in Altinn. An animated object or moving design can, for example, be an animated icon for a data programme, that shows the same movement every time you click on it.

Three design registrations: Paxster car, Defa battery charger and Vestre bench


Paxster: Design reg.: DM/080789. Photo: Loyds Industri AS
Defa: Design reg.: 082698. Photo: Defa
Vestre: Design reg.: 083858. Photo: Einar Aslaksen/Vestre AS


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