Deadline extensions for design

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office has established procedures for extending deadlines. They have to take into account the applicant's or representative's need for extending deadlines during the processing of the application, and at the same time maintain a certain momentum in the processing of the case.

NB: It is very important that you respect the time limits we set. This applies to both letters and payment of fees.

Principal rule

The deadline for responding to our letters in design applications is two months, unless otherwise stated in the Designs Act or the Designs Regulations, for example there is a time limit of one month for information on priority.

We may grant an extension of the deadline if you submit a written request for us to do so no later than the last day of the deadline.

We grant an extension of the deadline corresponding to the period originally set in the letter. For example, we grant an extension of two months if the original time limit was two months. If the time limit given in a letter is only one month, we do NOT automatically grant an extension. Contact the case officer if this is the case.

You may ask for up to three extensions of the deadline without having to provide a reason. However, on the fourth extension, you must provide a reason for the request.

The request must be reasonable. The time limit of two months is based on an assessment of the applicant's or representative's need to correct an error or deficiency. The deadline period and, where applicable, the deadline extension period must be viewed in connection with the interests of third parties. As long as an application is being processed, it is a potential obstacle to others wishing to make use of the design applied for.

Procedures for submitting power of attorney for deadline extension

If no power of attorney has been submitted in a national design application that is ready for registration, or in an international registration ready to be decided, we will grant a deadline of one month to submit a copy of the power of attorney. If we do not receive the power of attorney within this deadline, we will register the decision without a representative.

If we receive a request for an extension before the deadline is reached, we will grant a new deadline of one month, calculated from the expiry of the original deadline. We will not normally grant further extensions for the submission of power of attorney. If you still need a further extension, you must give a reason for this.

Deadline extensions - regulations

See Regulations on Fees, Section 6, fourth paragraph

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