Fees - Price List for designs

How much does it cost to register your design in Norway?

Application fee

  • Application fee: NOK 1900
  • Multiple registration fee for each design in excess of one: NOK 1300
  • Fee for supplementary search, for each design: NOK 900
  • Storage fee for each model stored by NIPO: NOK 1200

An invoice will be sent for these fees.

Renew your registration

A design registration lasts for five years. Registration can be renewed for one or more periods of five years each, up to a total term of 25 years. You will not receive an invoice for these fees, but we will send you a letter of notice ca 2-3 months before your registration expires.

  • Renewal fee for first renewal: NOK 2900
  • Renewal fee for second renewal: NOK 3500
  • Renewal fee for third renewal: NOK 4100
  • Renewal fee for fourth renewal: NOK 5000
  • Multiple registration fee for each design in excess of one to be renewed : NOK 1300
  • Storage fee for each model stored by the Norwegian Industrial Property Office: NOK 1200
  • Additional fee for late payment of renewal fee: NOK 550

You may pay your renewal fee up to 12 months in advance. You may also pay up to six months after the due date if you pay a late fee.
It is not necessary to submit a power of attorney.

Other fees

  • Resumption fee: NOK 550
  • Administrative review of a design registration: NOK 4000
  • Clearance fee for international application to WIPO: NOK 800
  • Notification of change of ownership: free

An invoice will be sent for these fees.

Pay in time

All payment deadlines are final. You must pay the fee or charge well before the deadline in order to avoid late fees, and possible dismissal of your application or design registration. The fee should be in NIPO's bank account on the due date.

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