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Why do I need to know something about trademarks, designs and patents even if I am not going to protect anything?

You may run a business and think you don't need to know anything about patents, trademarks and design rights. You might not have an invention to patent or a name to register as a trademark or design to protect. So, it's not that important to know anything about it, is it?

But it is not that simple. Everyone who runs a business has to relate to patents, trademarks and design registrations in one way or another. There are many people who have registered rights, and you may risk infringing these if you do not have knowledge of what you can and cannot do. 

Check that the name is available 

Perhaps you have come up with a name for your newly started company, or for your new product. You may have produced both signs and advertising material where the name is used. But what if someone else has registered the same, or something similar, as a trademark? This means that you cannot just go ahead and put it into useThen you cannot immediately put it into use. Someone else may have registered it both as a trademark or as a domain name. We recommend that you check at to see if the name is available. 

Check whether others have rights to your product 

Or what about the new product you've started selling, imagine if it's very similar to something already on the market? And that someone else has got a patent on? This can become costly for you, because those who have the right can claim that you are infringing their patent. 

Acquire basic knowledge 

To be sure that you operate in safe waters and do not come into conflict with the rights of others, you should therefore ensure that you gain basic knowledge about patents, trademarks and design registration. Read on our websites and use our databases to find out which rights others have obtained and applied for. You can also order a preliminary investigation to find out whether someone has made a similar invention or registered a similar name. 

Also consider that knowledge of other people's patents and rights can be a source of inspiration and possible collaboration. 

Find out what you should protect

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