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Amicoat secures its income through patenting

Amicoat is a biotechnology company that delivers innovative solutions to its partners. The income comes in the form of milestone payments and license income from the producers. With such a business model, it is crucial that they protect the technology through patents and trademarks.

Technology with many uses

Amicoat has developed a technology which, among other things, can reduce the risk of infection in the healthcare sector by enabling manufacturers of medical technical equipment to create products that remain bacteria-free during use. In this way, the use of antibiotics can be reduced and contribute to less antibiotic resistance.

The technology is based on nature's own immune system, and antimicrobial peptides are a key component. Amicoat has developed synthetic peptides analogous to the natural peptides. The properties of these provide many possibilities of use also outside the health sector; for example within water supply, air treatment, the defense and food industries.

– Research and intellectual property rights are the foundation of Amicoat. Our patents are a prerequisite for growth and profitability.

Georg Andreas Gundersen

CEO Amicoat AS


Georg Andreas Gundersen

CEO Amicoat AS

Protection of the technology is decisive

Amicoat supplies solutions to manufacturers of finished products. They have several partners who want to improve their products using Amicoat's technology. Amicoat has an active research and development programme, and put a lot of effort into combining its technology with other people's products.

The business model is based on technology transfer to partners who want to use their technology in their products. Amicoat received payment for achieved milestones in the research and development work, and in addition receives a license payment as a percentage of the turnover of the product. With this business model, it is crucial to protect the technology. Amicoat has therefore developed an IP strategy to protect the inventions. The company has both a patent and a trademark, but patents in particular are decisive to ensure growth and income. In addition to the patent on the technology itself, they also want to protect innovative methods for connecting the technology to other people's products.

In negotiations with potential partners, they realize how important it is to have good patent rights. They make the negotiating position stronger, and are often the basis for a collaboration to be established.

Amicoat uses a permanent patent office which has good knowledge of the business and technology, and which can therefore design the patent application optimally for the company, both professionally and commercially.

Public support essential for commercialisation

The company has received extensive support from Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council. This grant has been a prerequisite for developing the technology from an academic concept to commercial solutions.

Advice to others

Advice to other companies in the start-up phase: "If your company develops something unique, it must remain unique! Protect your inventions, and seek help from the Swedish Patent Office - it's free!"

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