Fees for patents

How much does it cost to get a patent in Norway?

Payment deadlines are final

All payment deadlines are final. You must pay the fee well before the deadline in order to avoid late fees, and possible dismissal of your application or patent. The fee should be in NIPO's bank account on the due date.

Application fees

If you have not paid for the application upon delivery, we will send you an invoice for the application fee. You get a one-month payment deadline.

  • businesses with more than 20 full-time employees: NOK 6,050
  • businesses with 20 or less full-time employees (small business or individual): NOK 1,100
  • additional fee for each patent claim beyond 10: NOK 325

Additional fee for more than ten patent claims

If the application contains more than 10 patent claims, you must pay an additional fee for each of the additional patent claims.

If you have stated the number of patent claims when you submit the application, we invoice the additional fee together with the application fee.

If you do not state the number of patent claims when you submit the application, you will be given the opportunity to reduce the number of claims within three months. The additional fee for patent claims is then invoiced at the end of the three-month period. You can ask to receive the invoice before the three-month period has expired.

Small business

A business with permanent employees who perform 20 man-years or fewer. You may be required to provide documentation that the business is a small business.


A natural person who does not represent anyone but himself / herself.

Before a patent is granted, a fee is payable. We invoice the fee.

The invoice consists of:

  1. basic fee: NOK 1 200  
  2. additional fee for each page in excess of 14 (with the exception of claims translated into Norwegian for English language applications, and for sequence lists, which are exempt from the page fee): NOK 250

  3. Additional fee for each new patent claim over 10: NOK 250

Renewal fees

To maintain your patent in Norway, you must pay an annual fee. The amount increases for each year the patent is maintained. A patent lasts for a maximum of 20 years, provided that the annual fee is paid for each year from the submission of the application. Patent protection ceases if the annual fees are not paid.

We do not issue an invoice for annual fees, but you will receive a notification letter the first time this fee is due.

The annual fee for applications and Norwegian patents falls due for the first time at the beginning of the patent application's third fee year. The first three years cost a total of NOK 2,730.

You may pay the annual fee up to six months before or after the due date. If you pay after the due date, you must pay an late fee of NOK 700, in addition to the annual fee.

For pharmaceutical and plant protection products it is possible in certain cases to apply for a five-year extension (SPC).

Payment deferral

If you, as an inventor, are the applicant or holder of a patent and are facing significant difficulties in paying the annual fee, it may be possible to defer the payment of the annual fee if you apply for a payment deferral before the fee falls due for the first time. A deferral can be granted for up to three years at a time, but not longer than three years from the date the patent is granted.

1st fee year: NOK 910
2nd fee year: NOK 910 
3rd fee year: NOK 910
4th fee year: NOK 1 760
5th fee year: NOK 2 150
6th fee year: NOK 2 600
7th fee year: NOK 2 860
8th fee year: NOK 3 320
9th fee year: NOK 3 710 
10th fee year: NOK 4 160
11th fee year: NOK 4 550 
12th fee year: NOK 5 010 
13th fee year: NOK 5 460 
14th fee year: NOK 5 850 
15th fee year: NOK 6 310 
16th fee year: NOK 6 760 
17th fee year: NOK 7 150 
18th fee year: NOK 7 540 
19th fee year: NOK 8 060 
20th fee year: NOK 8 450 
21st fee year: NOK 8 450 (SPC)
22nd fee year: NOK 8 450 (SPC)
23th fee year: NOK 8 450 (SPC)
24th fee year: NOK 8 450 (SPC)
25th fee year: NOK 8 450 (SPC)
26th fee year: NOK 8 450 (SPC)

This list of fees is used for divisional patent applications. An applicant may request that a patent application be divided into one or more new applications if several inventions are described in the parent application. The applicant must then pay the total annual fees for the divided application calculated from the filing date for the original application up to and including the last annual fee payable.

1-3 fee year: NOK 2,730
1-4 fee year: NOK 4,490
1-5 fee year: NOK 6,640
1-6 fee year: NOK 9,240
1-7 fee year: NOK 12,100
1-8 fee year: NOK 15,420
1-9 fee year: NOK 19,130
1-10 fee year: NOK 23,290
1-11 fee year: NOK 27,840
1-12 fee year: NOK 32,850
1-13 fee year: NOK 38,310
1-14 fee year: NOK 44,160
1-15 fee year: NOK 50,470
1-16 fee year: NOK 57,230
1-17 fee year: NOK 64,380
1-18 fee year: NOK 71,920
1-19 fee year: NOK 79,980
1-20 fee year: NOK 88,430

European patent (EP patent) in Norway

When we receive your application and documentation for validating a European patent in Norway, we will send you an invoice.

  • Fee for validating a European patent: NOK 7,150

Annual renewal fees for validated EP patents are first due the year after the EPO has granted the patent. If the EP patent is published by EPO during the second year, calculated from the date of filing of the application, renewal fees are payable for the third year and each subsequent year. The annual fee is the same as for national patents.

See list of national annual fees above.

Other fees

If you do not respond within a deadline and must resume processing the application,

  • first resumption: NOK 550
  • second resumption and later: NOK 1,950

We send an invoice.

Deadline for submitting an opposition is nine (9) months from the day when the patent was granted.

  • Oppositions are free of charge

  • NOK 300 

Payable when ordering.

A request for administrative review can be submitted earliest nine (9) months after the grant of a patent.

  • NOK 8 800

We will send you an invoice.

  • NOK 7 000 

Vi sender faktura

  • Fee for SPC: NOK 2200
  • Extension of SPC: NOK 2000

  • This service is free of charge

  • This service is free of charge

  • The fee for registering a mortgage in a patent, patent application, or for registering a mortgage for a patent licence: NOK 500
  •  If two or more patents, patent applications or patent licences are to be security for the same claim, the fee for each registration beyond the first one: NOK 100

Fees for international applications submitted to NIPO as Receiving Office

If you use the Norwegian Industrial Property Office as the receiving office when you submit an international patent application (PCT application), you must pay fees and charges in connection with the international patent application to the Norwegian Patent Office.


Costs connected to international applications

The costs involved in applying for a patent outside Norway can vary greatly, depending on in which countries you apply for a patent, what application procedures you use, the scope of the application and any formal deficiencies in the application.

Other costs related to the application

Professional assistance in the application process: Patenting is a complex field. We recommend that you get the help from a professional patent agency (also known as a patent agent or patent attorney) in planning and carrying out an application process in Norway and abroad, in order to obtain the best possible rights to your invention. 

You should estimate some costs for such assistance, depending on how much help you need.